BIG Competition RESULTS

Thank you to everyone who participated in our BIG competition last week! Find out who won the KidRobot Intimate Apparel Peter’s, KidRobot Mini Family Guy figurine and Clams!

First, here are the answers to the Trivia Tuesday:

1) Which of these characters has Peter never sang with? (Not counting the theme song)


Answer: All have. Peter has sang with Lois in a talent show, with Joe in the Clam with the Russian waiter, he was in a band with Quagmire and has sang Some Say Love (by Leann Rimes) with Brian (and the rest of the Griffin family, besides Stewie) in the car on the way to the Grand Canyon. *Ryan forgot about ‘Don’t Stop Believin’*

2) Who was the first actress to voice Meg?

Answer: Rachael MacFarlane. Those of you that said Lacey Chabert were wrong, Rachael voiced Meg in the pilot episode and after that it was Lacey. Mila Kunis took over from Lacey but Tara Strong voices Meg when she sings.

3) How many universes did Brian and Stewie visit in the episode Road To The Multiverse?

Answer: 17. In order it was…a future where Christianity never existed, a Flintstone universe, a universe where the bomb never dropped on Hiroshima, a two head universe, an ice universe, a universe where everyone needs to poop right now, the Disney universe, a Robot Chicken universe, a universe with Mayor McCheese assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, a blocky universe, a fire hydrant universe, a homosexual universe, a live action universe, a universe where everything is a Washington Post cartoon, a universe with a far away guy that yells compliments, a misleading portraiture universe and a universe where humans and dogs roles are reversed.

4) Which of these Family Guy student characters DOES NOT share their name with the shows writers?

Craig Hoffman
Neil Goldman
Jake Tucker

Answer: Jake Tucker. Neil Goldman and Craig Hoffman are both writers for the show as well as recurring characters in the show.

5) Before being injected with the gay gene, Peter was injected with another gene which turned him into which famous actor?

Answer: Seth Rogan

6) What was the type of bird that nested in Peter’s beard in the episode Brian Wallows and Peter’s Swallows? (Note: Swallow will not get you the point, we need the full name)

Answer: The endangered White Rumped Swallow

7) Name the two major films directed by Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane

Answer: Ted and A Million Ways To Die In The West

8) Which Family Guy voice artist created Robot Chicken?

Answer: Seth Green

9) When Cleveland came back to the show in recent series, who did he have to kick out of the lineup at the start of the show?

Answer: Mort Goldman.

10) Which of these has Meg NOT kissed?

Tom Tucker
Neil Goldman
Connie D’Amico

Answer: Tom Tucker. She only day dreamed about kissing Tom. She kissed Chris at a Halloween party, she kissed Brian at a high school prom, she kissed Neil when they were interns for Channel 5 News and she kissed Connie after coming out of jail and beating her up.

Insticator have announced their winner:

Adam S. Edwards

Please email us at with your address details so we can forward it to Insticator!

The winners that will win an Intimate Apparel Peter are:


(These are open to UK residents due to postage, please send us your address to

The Clam winners are:

Jade de Mol

I know we were only giving away 3 x 50 Clams but there was one more entry so we thought we could give them some Clams too:

J money

Please can all of the Clam winners send us your PayPal address so we can send you the funds to be able purchase yourself 50 Clams to

Prizes must be claimed by Friday 23rd January 2015

Congratulations everyone!


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