Character Tasks and Building Requirements

Ever wondered where your characters are? This list is a complete guide to where your characters are when they are on indoor tasks.

*****Any tasks completed at the Griffin House are not currently included*****

Costumes will be in a separate post!

Get a nibble – Quahog Mini Mart

Stalk the Predator – The Drunken Clam

Hide in the vents – Nostromo

Chase cats – The Playground

Devour exotic animals – Quahog Zoo

Send food back – The Founding Father

Complain about “talkie” pictures – Quahog Cinema

Shop for furs – Madeleine’s Boutique

Scoff at tiny diamonds – Les Bijoux

View heirloom jewels – Quahog National Bank

Turn Down Suitors – Barrington Hotel

Overdo the Foie Gras – Yacht Club

Criticise the help – Barrington Country Club

Bitch Brian

Drop off the dry cleaning – Thrift Shop

Bury stuff for Brian – Quahog Dog Park

Iron Hawaiian shirts – Quagmires House

Clone a dead bird – Bitch Brian Machine

Ghostwrite Brian’s novel – Le Croissant Degoutant

Bitch Stewie

Buy birthday presents – Thrift Shop

Go to lame birthday party – Tiny Tots Preschool

Alphabetize magazines – Quagmires House

Upgrade the clone machine – Bitch Stewie Machine

Ride the scary rides – Bobs Funland

Bonnie Swanson

Twerk it – Stripper Pole

Go to ladies night / Fawn over Fillion – The Drunken Clam

Abuse jacuzzi jets / Clip Coupons – The Swanson House

Give a tour of Clam Festival – Historical Clam Exhibition Hall

Bake sale – Bake Sale Stand

Buy groceries – The Stop ‘N Shop

Get in deep conversation – Jeff’s Van


Use the restroom – Fire Hydarant

Sample the merchandise – The Abandoned Warehouse

Order cleaver meatloaf – Meatloafaria

Brag about his writing – The Drunken Clam

Direct original webisode / put on a variety show – Quahog Playhouse


Search for a job – McBurgertown

Pass out flyers / Frolic with Jeffrey – The Founding Father

Be a good listener – The Drunken Clam

Teach CPR – James Woods High

Fret in line – The Stop ‘N Shop

Brian Cranston

Watch a ball game / throw a pizza – The Drunken Clam

Teach Chemistry – James Woods High

Trade baseball cards – Goldman’s Pharmacy

Buzz Killington

Drink at the clam – The Drunken Clam

Tell a bawdy joke – Barrington Country Club


Smoke money cigars – Yacht Club

Mistreat minimum wage employees – Quahog Malt Shoppe

Celebrate Clementine Day – Quahog Day Spa

Add an extra penthouse floor – Barrington Hotel

Spit out Plebeian Scotch – The Drunken Clam


Find a new friend – Flower Bush

Apply for a job – Buddy Cianci Junior High

Shuck clams shirtless – Herbert’s House

Eat a large ham – The Founding Father

Hang out bro style – Kool Aid Skate Park

Get easily smitten with girls – James Woods High


Grab a beer/ Sing karaoke – The Drunken Clam

Read mustache magazine – Goldman’s Pharmacy

Call things nasty – Quagmire’s House

Wash feet / Get mustache massage – Quahog Day Spa


Bask in popularity – James Woods High

Get a luxury spa treatment – Quahog Day Spa

Go shopping – Awful Person Hattery

Taunt the fanboys – Quahog Cinema


Scrub skidmarks – The Swanson House

Brain Damaged Horse

Stare Vacantly – Quahog Derby Stables

Diane Simmons

Grab a drink – The Founding Father

Exercise at the gym / Curse her ex-boyfriend’s name – James Woods High

Co-anchor the news / Host talkshow for ghosts – Quahog 5 News

Shop awkwardly – The Stop ‘N Shop

Screen her student films – Quahog Cinema

Be a leading lady actress – Quahog Playhouse

Take a day off from killing – Quahog Day Spa

Dr. Hartman

All at Quahog Hospital
Funny bone transplant

Test new hair growth elixir

Extract gerbil

Test experimental drugs

Routine checkup

Felicia Day

Drink gross beers – The Drunken Clam

Battle axe produce – The Stop ‘N Shop

Fight a video game boss – Video Arcade

Francine Smith

Teach 3 languages – Buddy Cianci Junior High

Cook a steak dinner / Call Mah Mah and Bah Bah – Smith House

Go to ladies night / show off her muffins / Do stand-up comedy – The Drunken Clam

Check out Clam Exhibition / enter a pie baking competition – Historical Clam Exhibition Hall

Shop lift – Madeleine’s Boutique

Be a tempting temp – CIA Headquarters

Appraise a house – Quagmires House

Francis Griffin

Preach at the pub – The Drunken Clam

Repent his sins – Quahog Hospital

Relive his retirement party – Quahog Mariners Banquet Hall

Go to bible study – James Woods High

Whip the assembly workers – Happy-Go-Lucky-Toy Factory

Declare everything a sin – Church

Work the late shift – Quahog Cannery

Freddy Krueger

Take a power-nap – Krueger Tool Shop

Make Joe sleep-wheelie – The Swanson House

Stoke the school furnace – James Woods High

Spoil Cleveland’s bath nap – Cleveland’s House

Ruin Quagmires morning – Quagmires House

Steal Meg’s hall pass – James Woods High

Give Jason Nightmares – Krueger Tool Shed

George Takei

Eat fish and chips / Have high tea The Drunken Clam

Look at cat .gifs – Quagmires House

Hayley Smith

Use her fake ID – The Drunken Clam

Pass out preachy flyers – The Founding Father

Pose nude for art class – Buddy Cianci Junior High

Rescue political prisoners – Quahog Dog Pound

Attend women’s studies class – Groff Community College

Occupy Quahog – Campsite

Enter a pie baking competition – Historical Clam Exhibition Hall

Save the whales – Quahog Oceanland

Go to a “charity” event – Dansu Dansu

Get in deep conversation – Jeff’s Van


Take gross old man bath / kidproof his house / freeze popsicles / watch little league marathon – Herbert’s House

Buy candy for kids – The Stop ‘N Shop

Read to children – Quahog Public Library

Buy extra-drowsy cough syrup – Goldman’s Pharmacy

Human Rupert

Use Joe’s home gym – The Swanson House

Bronze n’ Bleach – Bare Bear Tanning Salon

Jake Tucker

Eat upside down kids meal – McBurgertown

Play the organ – Church

Frown in class – Buddy Cianci Junior High

Jason Voorhees

Check his calendar – Quahog Mini-Mart

Decapitate the ditzy cheerleader – Anal Point

Impale the know-it-all / Assassinate the star athlete- James Woods High

Murder the plucky heroine – Quagmires House

Toss Freddy Krueger around – Krueger Tool Shed


Eat cheese doodles – Quahog Mini Mart

Pick neon tank tops – Madeleine’s Boutique

Teach aerobics class – James Woods High

Dance to techno music – The Drunken Clam

Go for something exotic – PF Chinese


Watch a ball game / host happy hour / play darts – The Drunken Clam

Be a superior athlete – James Woods High

Check out black dolphins – Quahog Oceanland

Bring cultural diversity – Yacht Club

Trade baseball cards – Goldman’s Pharmacy


Gather at the tavern – The Drunken Clam

Wash peoples feet – Quagmires House

Make goodie bags – Quahog Mall

Play dodgeball – James Woods High

Recommend music – Dead Format Records

Call his dad – Church

Do an interview – Quahog 5 News

Perform a miracle – Quahog Hospital

Go partying – Dansu Dansu


Decorate Easter eggs / booty shake / struggle with DVD player – Jillian’s Apartment

Eat in reverse – Flappy Jacks House of Pancakes

Refill her MP3 player – Quahog Malt Shoppe

Bake a cake – The Stop ‘N shop

Practice her mandolin – PF Chinese

Order a Quesadilla – Qu’Est-ce que pue

Shop for collars – Pet Store

Twirl her hair – Anal Point


Grab a beer / Go undercover / Respect beer o’clock – The Drunken Clam

Patrol the school – James Woods High

Raid personal weapons stash / give self a sponge bath /investigate source of prank calls – The Swanson House

Upgrade police car radios / host a police cookout / visit the gun range – Police Department

Attend a rage support group – Quahog Hospital

John McClane

Decorate shoeless – The Swanson House

Raid the snack bar / Explore elevator shaft – Nakatomi Plaza

Wrap secret Santa gift – Quahog Mall

Get a pedicure – Quahog Day Spa

Kool-Aid Man

Audition for commercial – James Woods High

Hang out bro style – Kool-Aid Skate Park


Make the rounds – Party Tent

Donate lightly used clothing – Thrift Shop

Shoplift / Buy groceries – The Stop ‘N Shop

Attend a birthday party – Tiny Tots Preschool

Mayor West

Enjoy Taffy – Magic Clam’s Saltwater Taffy

Have a screaming contest / Waste taxpayers dollars- City Hall

Tend garden / Hide out – Mayors Mansion

Visit Vinny – Casa di Vinny

Get a suit massage – Quahog Day Spa

Work on statue – Mayor West Cowboy Pirate Statue


Flirt with criminals – Police Department

Practice bird calls – The Playground

Take a summer job – Quahog Oceanland

Buy acne cream – Goldman’s Pharmacy

Reduce her muffin top – Quahog Hospital

Grovel at Connie’s feet – James Woods High


Restock Ipecac Syrup / Snoop on Customers – Goldman’s Pharmacy

Obsessively count cash / Leer at money – Quahog National Bank

Mr. Weed

Visit Guillermo – The Founding Father

Haunt the company picnic – The Playground

Take a CPR class – James Woods High

Have Mr. Weed analyse sale data / Visit Eduardo in safe deposit box – Quahog National Bank

Admire baseball trophies – The Swanson House

Research Bermudagrass geneology – Quahog Public Library

Ghost write autobiography – Le Croissant Degoutant

Nathan Fillion

Write a space western script / Emcee karaoke night – The Drunken Clam

Ride a unicycle – James Woods High

Clean Bonnie’s house – The Swanson House

Patrick Stewart

Text agent – Quahog Mini Mart

Order BFF Special – McBurgertown

Enjoy Time – The Drunken Clam

Relax – Quahog Day Spa

Buy Groceries – The Stop ‘N Shop

Sleep over – Quagmires House


Hang out at the clam / Respect beer O’clock – The Drunken Clam

Do a drunk dance – Party Tent

Overeat – McBurgertown

Grind his gears – Quahog 5 News

Try on intimates – Madeleine’s Boutique

Taste the rapier – Herbert’s House

Play with expensive x-ray machine – Quahog Hospital

Bench press whales – Quahog Wharf


Get in the Choppa – Police Department

Hunt some nachos – Quahog Mini Mart

Polish his trophies – The Drunken Clam

Hunt the Alien – Nostromo

Take a mud bath – Quahog Day Spa

Hide in the jungle – Quahog Zoo


Poke around – Colonial Barn

Fornicate with giraffes / Enjoy carrots / Order new toys / Listen to HAM radio / Watch Netchix – Quagmires House

Watch 40s war movies – Quahog Cinema

Drink at the Clam – The Drunken Clam

Bail out hookers / Alter police records – Police Department


Make shrinky Dink’s – Smith House

Steal drinks – The Drunken Clam

Lasso a man – The Founding Father

Tend the bar – Rogers Place

Check out clam exhibition / Win a pie baking competition – Historical Clam Exhibition Hall

Mislead an investigation – CIA Headquarters

Put customers on hold – Common Office

Practice family psychology – The Swanson House

Cash in a bounty – Quahog Prison

Wreak havoc and destruction – The Playground

Ron Perlman

Practice jazz scatting – The Drunken Clam

Catch a classic movie – Quahog Cinema

Shop for tough guy bandanas – Madeleine’s Boutique


Check his list / Go post Christmas partying The Drunken Clam

Make toys / Read fan mail – Gold Gift Box

Deliver lucky toys – Lucky’s Orphanage

Take a mall shift – Quahog Mall

Watch people sleep – The Swanson House

Return unwanted gifts – Superstore USA

Do hard time – Quahog Prison

Watch Peter and Sidecar Falcon – Quahog Cinema


Be a scratching post – Pet Store

Swab the poop deck / Flirt with classic boats – Quahog Wharf

Visit siblings – Furniture Store

Emerge from the shadows / Tell sea tales – The Drunken Clam

Play the organ – Church

Stan Lee

Be a background extra – Quahog National Bank

Stan Smith

Set threat level to vague / Keep america safe / Sneak around labs – C.I.A Headquarters

Cover his tracks – Colonial Barn

Burn some wood – Smith House

Visit historical clam exhibit – Historical Clam Exhibition Hall

Teach sexless ed – Buddy Cianci Junior High

Perform “Lincoln Lover” show – Quahog Playhouse

Interrogate a prisoner – Police Department

Secretly go ice skating – Stars and Skates

Steve Smith

Sing along to jukebox – McBurgertown

Try to be cool – James Woods High

Help with chores / shuck clams shirtless – Herbert’s House

Play world of wizardry – Sir Lanceawart’s Board Games

Take a tour of clam festival – Historical Clam Exhibition Hall

Make counterfeit ID’s – Quahog Mini Mart

Stuff his pants – The Stop ‘N Shop

Speak to dolphins – Quahog Oceanland

Throw a teenage fit – Black Escashady

Set up a fort – The Playground


Fish for kittens – Pet Store

Put on variety show – Quahog Playhouse

Fingerpaint battle plans – Tiny Tots Preschool

Hypnotize the audience – Quahog Cinema

Tom Tucker

Have a drink – The Drunken Clam

Buy mustache cream – Goldman’s Pharmacy

Find spare keys / Read off teleprompter – Quahog 5 News

Research a story – Quahog Public Library


Report breaking news – The Drunken Clam

Sabotage Tom’s Mustache – Quahog 5 News

Seek mothers approval – We Heal You Long Time

Dial into competitors frequency – News Truck

Interview shoppers – The Stop ‘N Shop

Report on baby panda – Quahog Zoo


Have a secret meeting – Pet Store

Host party – Casa di Vinny


5 thoughts on “Character Tasks and Building Requirements”

  1. So glad you did this! I had been making my own list and its taking forever. Thanks for all the info you give us daily!

    Here are a few I don’t see on your list
    Felicia Day -Play World of Wizardry -Sir Lanceawart’s Board Games
    Stan Lee -Buy Powered Amor -Thing-A-Ma-Gadgets
    -Activate Cosmic Radiation Shields/Write Comics -Fabulous 4 HQ
    George Takei -write on Peter’s Facespace -Cats & Mouses Cafe
    Nathan Fillion -Buy Gadgets -Thing-A-Ma-Gadgets
    Patrick Stewart -Pick Out Zapper -Thing-A-Ma-Gadgets
    Steve Smith -Build Model Rocket -Smith House
    Stan Smith -Drick at Rogers -Smith House


  2. Oh wow.. Really cool.. A lot of the characters, once I set them on inside tasks… I then have no clue wth they are!!! LOL… I get bored and want to check progress.. It is a good thing that I figured out if you go to a character’s facespace, and click on the x, it will bring you to an overview of where that character is… Thank you Holly Pop!!! this one took you a while to compile!!!


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