Character Overview: Jillian

I thought we would write Jillian’s character overview today, as Jillian is currently the subject of our games at the moment! Below you will find Jillian’s tasks, earnings, what buildings are needed for each of Jillian’s tasks, images of Jillian’s outdoor tasks and a video containing all of Jillian’s phrases from the game!


Jillian has 13 tasks in total, which can be found below:

These are all of Jillian’s tasks, earnings, and duration:






These are Jillian’s indoor tasks and buildings:

Decorate Easter Eggs at Jillian’s Apartment

Booty Shake at Jillian’s Apartment

Eat in Reverse at Flappy Jack’s House of Pancakes

Refill Her MP3 Player at Quahog Malt Shoppe

Bake a Cake at The Stop ‘N Shop

Practice Her Mandolin at PF Chinese

Order a Quesadilla at Qu’Est-ce quest pue

Shop for Collars at Pet Store

Struggle with DVD Player at Jillian’s Apartment

Twirl Her Hair at Anal Point

Stare at the Sun at The Griffin House

Express Views and Stuff at The Griffin House

These are Jillian’s outdoor tasks:

Chase a Butterfly



Listen to all of Jillian’s phrases from the game:


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