Missing Tasks for Peter and Lois?

We have seen lots of comments regarding Peter and Lois’ tasks so we reported it to TinyCo:

“Thanks for reporting this! 🙂 We’re looking into this further. I’ll keep you posted when I know more!”

“This should be fixed now! Happy Fridaaaay :)”

Hope the tasks are back for you!


7 thoughts on “Missing Tasks for Peter and Lois?”

  1. Yea, I ended up in the same situation. I never once received a gold ring, unless I fast tracked the task then spent clams to try again. Got tired of that did the damn math and realized the over spending I was doing and just bought NY Jillian at a total of about 120 clams! Suckage!


  2. I had Chris on his task for the dog collars for several days with nothing, Then I decided to buy New Years Brian and every time he completed his task, I got a collar. Completed the Dog Collars before the Bracelets which I was ahead on. It seems the best way to unlock New Year’s Jillian is to get New Year’s Brian.


  3. Bunch of liars… They are still missing! Whats worse is that when they magicaly removed the tasks, my peter and lois were doing them so it glitched them into doing god knows what outside the playable map… Just like my jesus is stuck wher the yeti used to be lol this is clearly a huge disadvantage for me this time which really grinds my gears…. Way to go tinyco!


  4. It was dropping fine but ever since that hiccup I haven’t receive either one of those ex rare stuff for 2 days now. I hope it’s just my luck and not cuz the stuff ain’t dropping


  5. I knew I wasn’t crazy! I thought it was a little rude to only have Chris as the freemium character on the Extra Rare tasks for those belts/leashes or whatever they are.

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