New Year Week 2 FAQS

Sorry for the delay – we stayed up until 4am GMT so we have only had 4 hours sleep! All the information and walkthroughs is coming now!

Find the answers to some of the burning questions you may have for week 2 of the New Year event – for example – when the event will end:

When is the New Year event ending?

The New Year event is due to leave on January, 15!

When does week 2 of the New Year’s event start? 

Week 2 of the New Year’s event starts on Wednesday, 1/7 and introduces New Year’s Jillian, New Year’s Brian, and new quests! The first main quest, “New Year, New Lies” has seven parts and will begin after you complete, “Auld Lang Syne, Pt 7.” Tap on Peter to start this quest. 

How do I unlock New Year’s Jillian?

New Year’s Jillian is available at Al Harrington’s. Collect the following items to unlock her festive outfit:

20 Black High-Heels (common) from Jerome, Bonnie, Bruce, Seamus, Ginger Bread House, and Providence Rehab Center
12 Lip Glosses (common) from Mort, Herbert, Jake, Jingle Joe, NYE Tent, and Unemployment Office
5 Bracelets (extra rare) from Lois, Joe, Stewie, Hanukkah Mort
5 Black Necklaces (extra rare) from Peter, Chris, Halloween Pet Cemetary, and NYE Brian

If you unlock New Year’s Jillian before the New Year’s event ends, this costume is yours to keep! If she is not completely unlocked, the costume will disappear when the event ends. 

How do I unlock New Year’s Brian?

New Year’s Brian is available to purchase in the shop (under the Featured tab) for 150 clams. Once you purchase him from the shop, you can create his costume in Al Harrington’s. 




7 thoughts on “New Year Week 2 FAQS”

  1. Just a word of advice to any players that have characters that have no meaningful (i.e. item-earning) tasks, and are possibly maxed out on levels – rather than lock them up on 24 hour tasks just to ‘get them out of the way’, it would be better to just ‘inventory’ them. It accomplishes the same goal, but also leaves them totally ready for any new quests, or surprise item-required characters or costumes.
    I hear people complain about having ‘just’ putting some character on a 1 day task since they didn’t have anything important to do, and then BAM, they can be used to drop a rare item. It just takes a little planning and thought, and issues like this can be easily avoided. Might be an idea to share.


  2. My basic rule at the moment is everyone gets put on 1 hour tasks all the time except right when I’m going to bed. Quahogians don’t need sleep so they all get 8 or 10 hour tasks while I do. 🙂

    I “never” set anyone on a task longer than 10 hours unless it is required for a storyline. So for the most part I will never be more than 1 hour away from getting a character on task for any storyline that pops up unexpectedly. (However see below for exceptions.)

    John McClane and Gene Simmons only have 4 hour tasks as their shortest ones so both get put on those when not on an 8 or 10 hour task while I’m trying to sleep. So far that has not caused any issues but who know what might come. (TinyCo, they need some shorter tasks!)

    My two big exceptions are the Brain Damaged horse and Kool-Aid Man, both useless for the most part, they are the only ones to get maxed out every time all the time. Neither of them have been any use other than Kool-Aid Mans initial storyline and that horse has been useless from day one. (Kinda just like on the show I guess.)

    Just to get them out of the way I set them on their indoor max tasks and leave them there. Maybe TinyCo will give them both something to do someday but for now they are the biggest waste of charters in the game. Peeing all over my beautiful Quahog is not a good task. 😛


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