New Year, New Lies – Walkthrough

Lois kicks this one off.

Part. 1
-Build Party Tent
-Have Peter do a drunk dance – 2h
-Have Lois make the rounds – 5h
Earns $30, 20XP

Part. 2
Peter starts
-Build Quahog Gym – 4h build time, $1000
-Have Quagmire giggity strut – 2h
Earns $30, 20XP

Part. 3
Bonnie starts
-Build Providence Rehab Center – 10h, $2000
-Have Bonnie attend a support meeting – 8h
Earns $30,20XP

Part. 4
Lois starts
-Have Lois donate lightly used clothing – 4h
-Have Peter donate his underwear – 4h
Earns $30,20XP

Part. 5
Peter Starts
-Build Dr. Ling’s Eastern Medicine – 6h, $1750
-Have Joe beer skeet shoot – 1h
Earns $30, 20XP

Part. 6
Chris starts
-Have Chris eat broccoli – 4h
Earns $30, 20XP

Part. 7
Meg starts
-Have Meg make a deposit – 1 day
Earns $30, 20XP


8 thoughts on “New Year, New Lies – Walkthrough”

  1. Lois and Peter’s item earning tasks disappear after part 4. I vaguely remember something like this happening in the past and it was not intentional so hopefully TinyCo restores these tasks. I have already contacted them but haven’t received a response yet


  2. Did anyone else lose the tasks that Peter and Lois had regarding the party tent? I’m on part 4 of this and they don’t have the drunk dance and make rounds tasks anymore.


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