Love Changes Everything – Walkthrough

Brian kicks this one off.

Part. 1
-Have Brian kick bad habits – 6h
Earns $30, 20XP

Part. 2
-Have Chris walk Brian – 1h
Earns $30, 20XP

Part. 3
-Build unemployment office – $4500, 20h build
-Have Brian initiate Plan B – 12h
Earns $30, 20XP

Part. 4
-Get New Year’s Brian outfit – 150 clams, takes 10 minutes
-Have New Year’s Brian croon – 8h
Earns $30, 20XP

Part. 5
-Have Brian entertain patrons – 8h
-Save up 2500 coins – earnings from tasks and buildings

Part. 6
-Have New Year’s Brian recite poem – 1 day
-Have Jillian twirl her hair – 1 day
Earns $30, 20XP


3 thoughts on “Love Changes Everything – Walkthrough”

  1. so in order to complete this we have to purchase Brian’s outfit for 150 clams. Hooray Tinyco once again insuring that 1000’s of people won’t be able to complete this quest.


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