Costume – What can you make New Year’s Brian do?

This is the task list for New Year’s Brian. He is only available to purchase until the end of the event and then he will be gone. He is 150 Clams and takes 10 minutes to create. He is required to complete the Love Changes Everything quest line through to the end, although you can get away with not purchasing him as it is only very brief after his purchase.






5 thoughts on “Costume – What can you make New Year’s Brian do?”

  1. I bought the skin but don’t know which tasks are visual tasks. I’ve sent him on 3 different tasks and he goes in a building. Would be great to know which are his visual tasks, if any. Thanks.


    1. Sounds like a few people are having this issue, i just looked on my game and its still there so maybe its back on your games now?



  2. I think I might be able to live without it. We already have two 2hr tasks to earn the Necklaces, and we only need 5, so the only reason to get him as you said is a few steps of the end of Brian’s NYE questline. Not hurtin for clams atm, but 150 is still 150 😉


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