Costume: How do I Unlock New Year Jillian

A new costume for Jillian has already hit our games, find out how to unlock her costume below:

20 Black High-Heels (Common)
– Make Jerome Play Darts (6 hours)
– Make Bonnie Go to Ladies’ Night (6 hours)
– Make Bruce Fret About Something (6 hours)
– Make Seamus Flirt with the Table (24 hours)
– Get from Providence Rehab Center (6 hours, costs $2000)
– Get from Gingerbread House (12 hours)

12 Lip Gloss (Common)
– Make Jingle Joe Camp Out (24 hours)
– Make Herbert Freeze Popsicles (12 hours)
– Make Mort Obsessively Count Cash (12 hours)
– Make Jake Tucker Play the Organ (12 hours)
– Get from Party Tent (16 hours, costs $7500)
– Get from Quahog Gym (20 hours, costs $1000)
– Get from Unemployment Office (12 hours, costs $4500)

5 Bracelets (Extra Rare)
– Make Joe Patrol the School (4 hours)
– Make Stewie Travel Through Time (4 hours)
– Make Lois Donate Lightly Used Clothing (4 hours)
– Make Hanukkah Mort Light the Super-Menorah (24 hours)
– Get From New Year’s Cocktail Bar (PREMIUM: 4 hours, 50/50 chance as will drop a Bracelet OR Necklace, costs 125 Clams)

5 Black Necklaces (Extra Rare)
– Make Chris Hang Out at Home (2 hours)
– Make Peter Do a Drunk Dance (2 hours)
– Get from New Year’s Cocktail Bar (PREMIUM: 4 hours, 50/50 chance as will drop a Bracelet OR Necklace, costs 125 Clams)
– Make New Year’s Brian Adjust Bow Tie (2 hours)


16 thoughts on “Costume: How do I Unlock New Year Jillian”

  1. 10 Extra Rare items to drop in less than a week? And only two characters to earn one item freemium. And then characters tasks get turned off? So…the message I am getting is we have to buy the premium items to unlock Jillian’s costume? TinyCo if your’e reading this, super lame move. The New Years event was much better in week 1 than most of your events and then you go and do this.. losing faith yet again that the game is improving. It is apparent it is now becoming just a money grab. Well you’re not getting any more of mine.


  2. So am I the only one who had Peter lose the 2 hour task to “Do a Drunk Dance” and Lois’ 4 hour task to “Donate Lightly Used Clothing”?

    I had them running the tasks almost since week 2 went live (not that it did me any good) and suddenly I went to collect and they no longer have the task for me to put them back on the job.

    Figures I’d lose 2 jobs for the extra rare items and not the common ones that I could get by with fewer jobs easily.


  3. Not sure if this is a glitch or just my luck. I just collected from Peter, won a black necklace needed for Jillian and now I just noticed Peter can no longer go in his 2 hour task for the black necklace.

    Anybody else?


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