Can you not unlock Jillian?

Lots of players have been having issues with unlock Jillian, so TinyCo has just released a fix:

“Crashing when unlocking Jillian? We just pushed a fix for this! Thanks for your patience as we worked to resolve this crashing bug. We have a fix for all unlocking-crashes in the 1.6 update. We wanted to get a fix out for Jillian first due to the New Year’s content. Hope this helps!

How are you guys liking Week 2 content so far?”


33 thoughts on “Can you not unlock Jillian?”

  1. I don’t know if anyone’s noticed but the black necklaces we’re all struggling to get, are dropping much more regularly now!! I was on 1 this morning and now on 4 so maybe I’ll get New Years Jillian before tomorrow 🙂


    1. Really? I’ve only had one drop about two days ago and i’ve been at it alot today so I don’t think that’s the case. May be just me, but the drop rate is still the same for me.



  2. Peter,Lois,and stewies extra rare tasks have now reappeared in my quahog.Was this a glitch or tinyco trying to see if more people would shell out clams for tuxedo Brian.


      1. Sooooo I do not have those tasks even after they said its fixed? Glitchception? I am highly frustrated by their incompetence of a company, lets break things for no reason and make sure we only fix half of the players!!! Yay!!!!!


      2. Have you tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling again? Bear in mind that if you do, you’ll have to do a couple of tasks again from the start before it will let you sign in again using your email or Google Plus



      3. No I didn’t try to uninstall as it shouldn’t be my problem to begin with. My point is that they broke it out of nowhere when my characters were in the mddle of completing those tasks, which glitched them to hell and made them both do god knows what outside of the playable land… I also mentionned my jesus being stuck where the yeti used to be but they totally ignored that issue when I sent it to them… Anyways 2/5 collars , nothng else needed for the outfit.. Go Chris go , he’s the only one able to get them freemium.


  3. I had to have Jillian’s apartment to unlock get, but now that she’s unlocked, I don’t have her apartment? How’d that happen and how to I fix it?


  4. I also logged in to find that some of the actions to get extra rare items have been removed. Extra rare items never drop for me 😦


  5. This morning I logged in to find that some of the actions to get extra rare items have been removed too 😦 No one is driopping any Extra Rare itens 😦


  6. Okay I shelled out about 30 bucks for the Christmas thing. Now tinyco makes task nearly impossible to get Julian outfit without paying more money. Tinyco I know you’re a business and want to make money but now you’re just getting greedy imo.
    I will not be spending anymore on this game. Throw us a bone once in awhile.


  7. Week two has been fine for me. I’m glad to say that, so far, I have not noticed any of the glitchy issues others are reporting. (Other than the constant crashing that continues to be the ongoing constant glitch.)

    I cruised through all the extra rare items for Jillian’s dress in almost one days time. If anything it was too easy to get them all. I’m at 8/10 for both the high heels and the lip gloss right now. Given the longer times for task completions I think it will be a day or two before I’m seeing those two close in on completion but I figure (hope) I will still have enough time to complete all the story lines before the closing date on the 15th.

    I can see how having Brian’s Tux outfit as a Premium is a downer but 150 clams (I think) is not that outrageous.
    And he looks so dapper in it with his cute little tail sticking out the back like a little white tur….. 🙂


  8. Any reason why some of the item producing jobs for Jillian’s costume disappeared? Peter had a 2 hour job for the extra rare item, and now that’s gone.


  9. Here’s a terrible idea, make Mort have a 24 hour task for an extra rare item. Are you kidding me tiny co. Might as well just leave that off. It’s a slap in the face is what it is.


  10. Lets see large buildings with no where to put them clams needed for items that need unlocking extra rare items to unlock rather shit


  11. How am I liking week 2?
    More like how am I hating it! Week 1 was good. Relatively small buildings, easily unlockable characters etc. but now we have a 12×8 building among 4 others and a costume that costs clams and another costume that requires many extra rare items again. You see my point tiny co?


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