TinyCo are looking for feedback!

Do you want to share how you feel about the New Year event…

“Morning, everyone! I’m looking to collect some feedback for the Family Guy team For today, I’m specifically looking for your thoughts on the New Years content so far (Jillian + New Years Mystery Box).

What did you like about it, what didn’t you like? What made you participate or what made you not care? Let me hear it! I want to pass it along to the team to take into consideration for future content and events!”

We will send the link to this page to TinyCo so they can collect the feedback!


85 thoughts on “TinyCo are looking for feedback!”

  1. I know this is suppose to be about the New Year’s event but I have a recommendation of some characters:

    James Woods
    Frank Sinatra, Jr.
    Rush Limbaugh
    Carrot Top
    Betty White
    Hugh Hefner
    Ben Stiller
    Lorraine McFly (in a Back to the Future event)
    Clevelands Family- Donna, Cleveland Brown Jr., Roberta, and Rallo [plus- Loretta’s Ghost in next Halloween event]


  2. Are the drop rates for jillian’s costume incorrect or am I just unlucky?
    I have 5/5 bracelets but only 1/5 necklaces. If both of them are extra rare, how can I have such different amounts? Anyone else finding necklace collecting difficult?


  3. I’m sorry… I know this has been said a million times, but IT IS ABSURD!! all those new buildings and no land to place them?? some are huge! if the idea is to make us buy things only to have them placed in storage after a few days, is way beyond ridiculous…
    It is worst when some are needed to perform characters actions. We need more land… more than a tiny 5 blocks patch.


  4. I honestly don’t understand tinyco.
    Everyone knows crashing and land have been the biggest issues without a doubt for a long time now. They use server load as an excuse for these. So the obvious solution would be to make smaller buildings and both problems would be solved.
    So tiny co release a 12×8 building!!!
    That’s almost as big as my whole asiantown district!!!!
    It’s because of stupid actions like this that we have so many problems!!!


  5. Guys there is a new part to the event and Jillian has a costume and to get one of the items Brian need to adjust his bow tie which probably means his costume is coming as well


  6. It was great we could keep the Times Square building considering I work in Times Square! Plus it was relatively easy to get too.

    And now that we have some free time, I’m finally taking a few days to clear out all the expensive land on the left side of the town. I’m only half way done but it’s cost 500000 coins so far! Good thing I was hoarding just to see if there was a 1000000 coin achievement.


  7. Pretty unimpressed with the decorations just duplicated the 4th july ones in brown? pretty drab, the old 4th of July fireworks were better but liked the New York type buildings, have fond memories from my time there, the best city in the world, as I am from the UK. And was not difficult to get them. Future events, please if you must have timed evrnts, give us long enough to get them, 3/4 day tasks are incredibly difficult when players like myself have to work and sleep, so cannot play 24/7, no problem if it takes a while to collect rare stuff, but please no more short timed tasks, I am sure lots more hate them when reading comments on forums. Finaly love the new buildings that you kerp introducing but why dont you give us the land to put them on, as have loads of stuff in storage and no where to put them, whats the point, as when new buildings come out I gave to delete others to place them. I am sure more stuff would be brought with clams if there was room to put them.


  8. I am liking the New Years event… Short and sweet. I like that the Christmas cookies could open the mystery box I was able to open it up 9 times based on my cookie count. I was able to get Jillian in a decent amount of time. The only area of opportunity I felt was that the two buildings that dropped items wouldn’t drop with the skin. I wanted to leave my holiday decorations up so left my skins on and realized later that they wouldn’t drop. Perhaps in the future the building could drop items whether they have a skin or not. Thank you!


  9. Specifically for this event, I liked the opportunity to unlock Jillian but I have to admit that having most characters limited or only “event available” is getting bored. Now everything is about limited time, event.. limited time.. event.. the main storyline has been forgotten (the blimp for example), We need something cool to play without stress or hurry, just for the fun of it,
    I didn’t like the Mystery Box strategy. With 10 opportunities, I got 4 party hats in a row… missing my chances to get the reindeer. Those items where available through characters actions for the event, so, it was truly disappointing. Coins as a prize is absurd!!! there is no use for coins so far in this game!! more cookies or an extra box could have been better.


      1. That’s how it should be but hasn’t been the case recently. When there’s a new event every month with it’s own currency, coins buy nothing (not buildings decos and sometimes characters) and are just a number. I agree, I’m so sick of these events now.


      2. I’m sorry you’re disappointed with the lack of usage of coins but i guarantee that coins ARE always used in events, in the latest New Year event for example, the clock, rite of passage tower, all the decorations, were all coin based 🙂



    1. Same here I have 8989 cookies and just left hanging with them! All in all I was not very impressed with the New Years event at all.

      Oh and where the HELL is the plutonium!?


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