My Rite of Passage stats! (Day 2)

So it has been a two days since we received the early New Year event (technically, late as it isn’t New Year anymore!) But, here are my stats:



Yesterday, I collected:

2 x Party Hats
6 x 2015 Glasses
9 x Champagne Glasses
5 x Noise Makers


Today, I collected:

3 x Party Hats
2 x 2015 Glasses
6 x Champagne Glasses
4 x Noise Makers

I have collected (overall):

7 x Party Hats
10 x 2015 Glasses
20 x Champagne Glasses
10 x Noise Makers

I need:

3 x Party Hats
0 x 2015 Glasses
10 x Champagne Glasses (10 for RoP and 20 for Jillian)
0 x Noise Makers

How did you do? How many have you won/collected?


14 thoughts on “My Rite of Passage stats! (Day 2)”

    1. I haven’t seen him drop any clams yet either. Either it’s bad RNG or maybe there’s a bug in the game regarding Jesus’ task.



  1. I feel ripped off here.
    I collected all the items for the Rite of Passage Tower and started to spend Christmas Cookies in the New Year’s Mystery Box and I still kept getting Rite of Passage Tower items! It dropped a few party hats, glasses, noisemakers, drinks, coins and that’s it, no Decos or clams!
    I have 4500 Cookies and no way to buy more.
    I’m really pissed off at Tiny co right now. No Tower Items should’ve dropped.
    I wish I knew this from the start then I would’ve been done with the Rite of passage tower days ago.
    Really wanted the deer thug.


  2. If I could get the hats, I’d be done. Sitting on 6 right now. Darn Stewie Blueprints dual output tasks are slowing me way down. It favors those over the hats. 😛

    So ready to drop the balls. 🙂


  3. Drop my balls just now. Jillian’s apartmentis big 8×6 and you also get 10 clams! Just need about 26 more hours of pickin’ kitties and I’ll have Jillian.


  4. The leftover cookies and building a few new banks really helped speed up collecting the items.

    I managed to collect all the items to unlock the tower today.

    Just on part 2 of 3 of the ever so long 20 hour task for Jillian. Managed to get everything else needed for her.


  5. I have 4,8,17,10.
    The hats are taking long because the tasks are long. Even adding another task doesn’t seem to help much as it’s a 24 hour task.
    Building banks really helps for the rare noisemakers as they ALWAYS drop one as it finishes building.
    Both types of glasses are fine but it’s kind of weird that we need them for the tower and Jillian.


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