My Jillian Stats (Day 1)

I have been collecting all day for the Rite of Passage and Jillian! Here are my stats for Jillian:


I put Bruce on an item earning task yesterday by accident so he hasn’t finished Kitten Pickin’ yet, should be by the morning!


I have managed to collect 4 White Eggs today, mainly from Jake Tucker!


I am almost halfway with the Champagne Glasses (need 30 in total, 10 for RoP and 20 for Jillian).


I have 1 Bunny Ears but they are Extra Rare so I’m not sure how long these will take!

And, I obviously do not have Jillian’s Apartment as I haven’t made the balls drop yet!

What are your stats? Have I done well or have you done better?




15 thoughts on “My Jillian Stats (Day 1)”

  1. I unlocked her 20 champagne glasses and it put the right of passage champagne glasses to 0. Looks like you need to collect 30 total.


  2. So far I have;

    1/3 Kitten Pickin’
    14/15 White Eggs
    20/20 Champaign Glasses
    3/3 Bunny Ears

    I also got Jillians Apartment this mourning when I got the last Party Hat I needed. I have everyone that can earn eggs on task now so I should get the last one tonight, Bruce will finish his second Kitten Picken’ at 12:30am, then I’ll put him on the last one, so I should have Jillian unlocked by 8:30pm tomorrow night if all goes to plan.


  3. I just finished my ears. One task does not seem to drop them more frequently. I got one from Jerome on my first go and when I collected this morning I had one from Santa and I think one popped out of a building.


    1. I had the same, first collection from Morts Pharmacy gave me my first, first collection from Jerome my second, and first collection from Santa got me the last one.


  4. I already got all the eggs and the 1st 20 champagne glasses. I need 2 more kitten pickin’s and Jillian’s Apartment.

    I burnt through the Ears because I splurge bought the 100 clam puffer. I shouldn’t have. 😛

    The apartment’s hats is what’s taking a while. I have 2 of the 10 hats needed. They take forever. 😛

    In other news, Pawtucket Pat is on Facespace now. At least his silhouette. 🙂


  5. Welp, I need to retract my last statement here… I acquired the 20 champagne glasses before I got the final noise maker for the tower, and it took all of them.. So, I guess now I have to collect thirty of them!!! Grumble….


  6. My champagne glasses are counting for both events.. So I only need to collect 20 total.. I had 8 on the Rite of passage tower, and purposely did not click on completed tasks until I had Jillian’s easter egg booth completed and ticked.. Figured it would work, and happily it did…


    1. I fear you’re mistaken there. The game requires you to have 10 for the right of passage and 20 for Jillian. It does show the same total for you for both but once you claim one of them the glasses needed for that one will be spent and you’ll drop down again.

      It’s rare that this happens but it does whenever two characters or tasks require the same items to unlock. Carter and Stewie had it with their gems and the event costumes all had it with their cookie needs, if you spent the cookies on something else you could drop below the required totals and lose your completed status.


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