Walkthrough: New Years Bunny

Jillians walkthrough and yes she is voiced!

Part 1
-Have Jillian Decorate Eggs – requires Jillians apartment – 2h
(Its in your inventory if you purchase her for clams, if it doesn’t appear straight away, force close and it should appear)

Part 2
-Have Jillian bake a cake – 8h

Part 3
-Have Jillian Chase Butterflies – 4h
-Have Chris Make a New Friend – 1min

Part 4
-Have Jillian Stare at the Sun – 6h
-Have Jillian Booty Shake – 4h

Part 5
-Have Jillian Eat in Reverse – 4h


13 thoughts on “Walkthrough: New Years Bunny”

    1. You just need to continue to collect the items for the Rite of Passage (you can check progress by tapping on it) and you will receive Jillian’s Apartment… And 10 Clams! If you put it back in your inventory and place it again… You can collect again and win 10 Clams everytime!


    1. It could be either gold flower beds, red flower beds or possibly sex rose bush, it might be neither but they’re the closest there is lol



  1. Do you mean Jillian’s questline or the building?

    Her apartment is obtainable by collecting all new year party items and drop the countdown.


      1. That why you have to finish the rite of passage tower.
        Collect all items and drop the countdown to get it.


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