Walkthrough: Auld Lang Syne

Happy New Year! This is the first walkthrough that appears after the event starts and Peter kicks it off.

Part 1
-Have Peter and Lois resolve marital issues – 8 hour joint task
-Place the Rite of Passage Tower – $7, 500, deco
-Build Little Puff o’Stuff – $1000, 4 hour build time

Part 2
Chris kicks this part off

-Have Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop – 4h01sec
-Build Jillians Easter Egg Booth – $1, 000, 10h

Part 3
Lois begins
-Have Herbert Kid Proof His House – 4h
-Place FunTime Arches – $2, 500

Part 4
Bruce starts
-Have Bruce hand out flyers – 2h
-Place Clocktower – $5, 000, 6h build time

Part 5
Quagmire starts
-Have Quagmire giggity strut – 2h
-Place Twinkling Fireworks -$750

Part 6
Peter starts
-Have Bonnie Chug Wine – 1h
-Have Peter Dance the Shipoopi – 8h, drops eggs
-Have Joe do Cripple Tricks – 1min

Part 7
Peter starts
-Unlock Jillian
-Have Jillian Chase Butterflies – 4h




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