Rite of Passage Tower

Find out what you need to make the Rite of Passage Tower’s ‘balls drop’ and how to earn the items:


10 x Party Hat (common)
– Have Quagmire Watch NetChix (20 hours)
– Have Chris Get Easily Smitten With Girls (16 hours)
– Have Herbert Watch Little League Marathon (20 hours)
– New Year Mystery Box (costs 10,000 CC)


10 x 2015 Glasses (common)
– Have Bonnie Go to Ladies’ Night (6 hours)
– Get from Herbert’s House (6 hours)
– New Year Mystery Box (costs 10,000 CC)


10 x Champagne Glasses (rare)
– Have Bruce Be a Good Listener (4 hours)
– Get from The Founding Father (4 hours)
– Get from Quahog Mini-Mart (4 hours)
– Get from Used Clothing Store (4 hours)
– Get from Little Puff o’Stuff (4 hours)
– Get from Aversge Puff o’Stuff (4 hours)
– New Year Mystery Box (costs 10,000 CC)


10 x Noise Maker (rare)
– Have Lois Do the Laundry (10 hours)
– Have Mort Jetpack to Safety (10 hours)
– Get from Quahog National Bank (8 hours)
– New Year Mystery Box (costs 10,000 CC)

What are your stats? I will be posting my soon!


15 thoughts on “Rite of Passage Tower”

  1. Since it’s passed the time of the event…ddo I still unlock Jillian? I have everything for her…but don’t recall if I completed The Right Of Passage stuff. Her apartment building is not in my storage!!


  2. Ok, do you need to be a certain level to be able to buy the right of passage tower? I’ve bought Jillian’s stand but the tower is locked still.


  3. Ok, so I’ve finished the quest and got my “balls to drop” my question is: how do I make it drop the balls and play the fireworks at will??

    I visited my friends town and when I click on her tower, her balls drop and fireworks explode-


  4. I am so glad we were able to open a gift box with the xmas cookies… I was able to get a great head start on all of these items… Thank you Tinyco!!!


    1. Yes, but it would have also been nice to have had a use for any excess presents and stockings. I feel I wasted time on creating presents for friends I never had.
      Could only swap with Ollie but he only gave them after you upgraded the Tree.


  5. My tower is still being built….

    Can I clear my buildings now and will they drop the required items eventhough the tower isn’t built?

    Or do I have to wait for the tower to finish then start collecting from buildings??



    1. Disregard my last post. Tower is built and you can clear your buildings. The items won will appear when you click on the tower to show you your totals


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