New item earning tasks

TinyCo have been busy and have added some item earning tasks to help our collecting, these include:


Party Hat
New task: Make Elf Peter be a House Elf (24 hours), Make Paul play KISS pinball (24 hours)


2015 Glasses
New task: Make John roll out


Champagne Glasses
New tasks: Make Brian play ball, Make Barbara try on jewelry


Noise Maker
New task: Make Bruce sing carols


White Eggs
New tasks: Make Jasper teach aerobics, Make Gene play KISS pinball (24hrs)


Bunny Ears
New task: Make Santa gorge on cookies


9 thoughts on “New item earning tasks”

  1. Noticed the Founding father or Pharmacy buildings were not paying out event or showing it, you have to remove the Christmas skin before they will pay out.


  2. I just went into my game to send characters on tasks and John McClane’s task to “Roll Out” isn’t rewarding anything but coins now.


    1. Lol I never send anyone on a task longer than 12 hrs no matter what the event is. Well except for Jesus now that he has a chance for clams 😉


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