Need more Noise Makers?

One of our very regular and dedicated readers, Steve-O, has shared a very good tip with us:

Edit: My Quahog National Banks just finished building and when I tapped on the checkmark, both banks dropped me a Noise Maker!

Are you having issues with collecting the rare Noise Makers for Rite of Passage?

Steve-O has been building multiple Quahog National Bank buildings, they drop Noise Makers every 8 hours, only cost $500 and build in 6 hours!


You can build multiple Quahog National Banks to increase your chances of dropping a Noise Maker every 8 hours to drop the balls and earn yourself 10 Clams!

Thanks for the tip Steve-O!


9 thoughts on “Need more Noise Makers?”

  1. When my 4 banks finished 2 dropped noisemakers and with the help of this mornings tapfest i have all 10! With that done I i just need…
    3 Party Hats
    3 2015 Glasses
    1 Champagne Glasses
    Then the Rite of Passage will be completed and I can focus on Jillian


  2. Awesome tip Steve-O!!! Thanks for sharing!
    I have 4 building right now and will probably shoehorn 3 more into my limited space when those are done.

    The only down side is we cant sell them back after we get all the noise makers so they will just be one more bunch of buildings like the 5 Perlman’s Pets stores I have. (I dont even remember why I got them all.)

    TinyCo should let us sell all duplicated buildings back. I know they don’t want to get into the “I accidently sold that building… Can I get it back?” game. But the Bank is a standard item. They could just program it so we cant sell our last one.

    Hint Hint TinyCO…


    1. I have two building at the moment, as my other 2 workers are busy building new year buildings! I will be building more but it is a shame they can’t be sold, at least they are cheap 🙂 hopefully TinyCo will get your hints!


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