My Rite of Passage Stats! (Beginning)

We have to collect 10 of each 4 items, some I have acquired using the mystery box, some from old freemium buildings, and some from my free Little Puff o’Stuff… Find out what my stats are and let us know yours:


I opened the New Year Mystery Box 9 times (post on what I won and the order coming up) and this was my stats:


But, then I collected rent from all my buildings and placed my Puff o’Stuff (and impatiently paid 8 Clams to rush the build), and my stats are:


I need:

8 x Party Hats
8 x 2015 Glasses
5 x Champagne Glasses (plus another 20 for Jillian)
9 x Noise Makers

How did you do? How many have you won/collected?


7 thoughts on “My Rite of Passage Stats! (Beginning)”

  1. So far I have;

    7/10 Party Hats (all from Mystery Box
    10/10 2015 Glasses (all from Mystery Box)
    10/10 Champaign Glasses (most from Mystery Box, rest from buildings)
    3/10 Noise Makers (all from Mystery Box)

    A little tip that I’m using, as you can get Noise Makers from Quahog Bank, build a large amount of them so you can increase the odds, and speed, at which you can get all 10 of them. I just finished building all buildings from the event and have 2 banks building at the moment and when they’re done I’ll build another 2, and so on till I have all 10, I hope this helps other people too.


  2. I had 16 shots at the Mystery Box and I think most of these came from there. I have to admit it was early in the morning when I discovered all this, I was excited for a new challenge and the coffee hadn’t really kicked in yet so I was not paying as much attention as I should have been.

    I have also decided that this time I’m going to try for total Freemium on both the tower and Jillian. Although I may buy the Average Puff o’Stuff I definitely will not get the Big one. 100 clams and both Jerome and the Pharmacy are on a short 2 hour cycle. I cant imagine I wont get the three Bunny Ears soon enough even with them being Extra Rare.

    I was thinking this looked easy until I realized we need 30 total Champagne Glasses! Suddenly having Six 4 hour ways to get them does not look quite as easy.

    Happy New Year to everyone!!!


  3. 1 Party Hat (thanks to the box)
    8 2015 Glasses (5 of which thanks to the box)
    4 Champagne Glasses
    2 Noise Makers
    Thanks to the box I’m hoping that collecting all these items won’t take too long to get! I’m just waiting until Death joins the game!


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