Your Christmas Cookies are safe!

Happy New Year – we are reporting from 2015, and have some news from the past (as TinyCo are still in last year!)

We have confirmation from TinyCo that your CC are still there… And we have when the New Year event will begin:

First, the Christmas Cookies:

“They’re still there! Just… hiding. They’ll reappear when the New Years event starts :)”

Second, the New Year event start date:

“The New Years event is scheduled to begin on 1/2! 

And yup, there will be a Mystery Box in the NYE event that will use cookies :)”


12 thoughts on “Your Christmas Cookies are safe!”

  1. Full Prize List:
    Mall Santa
    5,000 Coins
    5 clams
    10 clams
    25 clams
    50 clams
    Noise maker (presume you need to get Jillian)
    Champagne Glasses (Jillian?)
    2015 Glasses (Jillian?)
    Party Hat (Jillian??)

    If anyone gets a clam, you’ve done exceedingly well!!


  2. You can exchange cookies now for “special” box. Costs 10,000 cookies.
    After using nearly all my 120k I received:
    5,000 coins (boo! Like I need coins!)
    Mall Santa
    5 x Party Hat
    1 x Sunglasses
    Can’t get anymore as Consuela says No.

    Happy New Year to you all!!


  3. Would have enjoyed the Xmas event for one more day instead of nothing. Especially because I was 2 freaking snow flake stockings from getting Jesus.m


  4. Thanks for that logged on this morning and was wondering where they had gone. Happy New Year to you, and thanks for all the info from last year.


  5. Well, I was wondering.. I have been keeping my characters on 2 hour events all day… checking back in… Now I know… I feel a quote from the old GI Joe cartoons in there!!!


    1. Oh! The second. That’s ok. I read it as 1st February.

      Of course it’ll be the 3rd where I live – for me every event is late, even the ones that start on time!


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