What really grinds YOUR gears? CHRISTMAS

Welcome to our Christmas edition – ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears?’ – come and share ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears’ with the FG: Tips team!


Lots of events and content updates have been bombarding us all lately, so there must be something that has ground your gears to dust at some point!

We have just finished the Christmas event, and we have a new NY event looming on us… Before that begins, fancy sharing what really grinded your gears during the Miracle on Spooner St. event?


We would really like to hear what was grinding your gears during the Christmas event, was it the drop rate of stockings? Was it the Yeti? Not being able to unlock every character or costume? Was it being locked out of your game as now your device is no longer compatible? Was it that iOS users got the tap to stun feature first? Was it the constant crashing? The gift boxes locking when you didn’t have all the items? Was it the Yeti being the only freemium way to earn Snowflakes? Was it how the Yeti didn’t drop anything unless you had fully cleared all of his HP? Or only being able to get one Secret Santa gift a day? Or was it how long it took to clear the Yeti? Not being able to defeat the yeti to get Quagmire’s snowy skin or the King Yeti deco? Or how many CC and Snowflakes were required for Jesus?!




24 thoughts on “What really grinds YOUR gears? CHRISTMAS”

  1. Had just under 5 hours to get king yeti’s last six health (which would gave got me Jesus). I had Lois (1-2), Joe (1-2), Mort (1-2), and Gene Simmons (2-3) free.so short of very poor luck was on track.

    Shortly after I set them on the task, the game crashed. I reloaded to find their tasks not started so I set them off again, again it crashed, then the game hung on the title screen several times.

    When I finally got them started, I had 3 hours 59 minutes of yeti left.

    No king yeti, No Jesus, Not from bad planning, simply bad software.

    The game started fun, the crashes were frustrating, but now its just annoying, Having to reload the game four or five times just to get around and collect the completed tasks once.

    Every time I get a clam or a good drop, I quit to ensure the result is saved, or risk it not dropping again after a crash.

    I find myself clicking through the dialogues without reading them, just to ensure I get to the end. I’m missing out on a lot of the plot because I can’t trust the game to stay on long enough to get through it.

    Its about time this was sorted out.


  2. 2 snowflakes from getting Jesus. The fact that the Xmas event ended and had a day with nothing that I could have used to get those 2 snowflakes. If I could have bought those 2 with clams I would have.


  3. Removed the game as I had no chsnce at anything but glad I did as now its not combatible with my galaxy tab 3 and can not find it in the playstore


  4. Just short of getting Jesus, I was hoping I had until yesterday night to finish, not in the late afternoon. They should have kept Xmas event until Thursday update like every other flipping event.


  5. I was locked out from 12/24 to 12/30 due to an issue affecting “some players”. Fustrating. I was well on my way to unlocking Jesus and Puppy Brian. No complaints about the event though, just support sucked over the holiday.


  6. What brings my gears is that they started New Years early after saying it would start on 1/2/15. I have everybody on 24 hours tasks set to expire tomorrow now I have to wait til everyone finishes to start because TinyCo lied.


  7. Honestly, the yeti was fine. All we had to do to get Jesus was use the head start trick then play every four hours and not let the streak reset. That’s what I did and got Jesus with a few hours left.

    However what really grinded my gears was the extraordinary amounts of items left over after the event. I had 400 candy canes, 80 dolls and snowflakes each and 40 secret Santa gifts but nothing to do with them.
    Speaking of secret Santa gifts, I hated how only Facebook friends gave and received gifts, while ollie did nothing.

    Another thing that WILL really grind my gears is if we get a lot of massive buildings and/or no new land during this New Years event. I know we will get more with the next district but if I can’t fit the New Year event’s items, it might be too little too late.


  8. The constant crashing is becoming annoying, i still managed to get everything but it was a major hassle, send people on tasks ,crash, reload send the same people on the same tasks hope it doesnt crash


  9. Yeti, Yeti, Yeti… for two straight weeks my entire life was divided into precisely four hour intervals. And like others have said here my significant other thought I was batshit crazy for setting alarms in the middle of the night in order to wake myself up to attack a Yeti again. And with all that effort, although it did net me Jesus, the only other real bonus for taking out the king Yeti was that pathetic Yeti deco that doesn’t even move. Yeash!

    Also the fact that since I don’t have facebook I couldn’t give anyone gifts except Ollie and he was kind of stingy in return. When the Christmas event ended I think I had something like 23 gifts still stockpiled and nothing to do with them.


  10. The yeti and the concept of defeating something with HP isn’t a bad concept, it’s just that we could have used at least one free character to do more than 1-2 damage. Not to mention you release a new one every week, so you just have to wait to even have a chance. The tiers of stocking drop was skewed and I had to spend a bunch of clams at the end to make sure I got Jesus.

    It gets especially annoying when there was a ridiculous excess of materials this time around. Had a ton of every stocking but snowflake at the end, not to mention the 99,000 cookies you get from Santa, which I thought was great until the cookie box disappeared (once you get all the decos.) They could have set it like Halloween where you can trade in 3 of one thing for 1 of another.

    They were definitely pushing the purchases this time around, and being the holiday season, it was still sort of tough to be paying attention the whole time. I’d like there to at least be a chance that a free player can get the reward that isn’t explicitly up for clam purchase.

    Kudos to them for making the bombing of the shoppers better this time though. Was very doable.


  11. The yeti!!!!, that was just insane especially for me (freemium) i got Jesus on tuesday but it took a lot of waking up during the night and my husband thinking i was psycho for setting alarms for a game.

    Also being the holiday season i wasn’t entirely free 24/7.


  12. My phone: Android 4.2.2, Octa core 1.7GHz, 2GB RAM

    Now the game is not compatible with my phone due the two last updates. I lost two days of the Xmas event (fortunately I got all the things I want like Yisus, Yeti..etc) but I couldn´t visit my neighbours and gave them gifts so now, I want to ask: WTF TinyCo?


    1. I upgraded to 1.5.5 by downloading it as an APK(Android Application Package). You just need an APK installer which is already on a lot of phones and tablets. If not you can get one from the Google play store. Using an APK is just downloading the file and bypassing the Google store. There is plenty of info online about how to use and download APKs or you can just wait til TinyCo gets it straight through the store.


  13. Kind of think you needed John McClain and Gene Simmons in order to help beat the Yeti and get Jesus. Loved how Jesus wasn’t for Clams, but didn’t love how you needed 400 Clams to get him. If anyone whose a Freemium player did manage to get him then that’s some dedication!


  14. The need to be continuously connected to the server. We need to be able to play off-line with the tight schedules of some of the event tasks. And even when on-line the servers keep dropping the connection.


  15. I’ll be the first to say the yeti if you are freemium. I missed out on the Jesus character by 7 snowflakes. At the end of the day it’s just a game and tinyco is out to make a buck. #lifegoeson


  16. What is currently grinding my gears is the fact that my game has been crashing all day. It will not even finish loading. Hopefully, it will be solved by the update tomorrow.


  17. What grinds my gears is that I had an extremely unlucky event. I always opened the things I needed after the things I didn’t need in the gift boxes, and whenever I was attacking the yeti they would normally all do 1 damage, and so now I don’t have Jesus or Santa.


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