What to expect at the end of the Christmas event!

Do you want to know which questlines are going to continue after Christmas? Find out what is leaving for good too!

What to expect:

• When the event ends, a pop-up will appear to inform you that the event has ended and you will be taken back to Classic Quahog.

• When you have been brought back to Classic Quahog, there is no more snowfall, but your Quahog will still be covered with snow. 

• When you have been taken back to Classic Quahog, the Elf Factory, Gift box,Train Station, Yeti Cave will no longer be in your Quahog.

• Any characters still attacking the Yeti when the Christmas Event ends will just walk back into your Quahog.

• Any characters still doing a Clear action on a Mall Santa or Reindeer will just end up walking around your Quahog.

• If Barbara and Jasper are still needing items when the Christmas Event ends, they will disappear and you will lose your chance to unlock them. 

•Buildings/ vehicles (These should no longer drop Holiday items)

– Bunny Hill

– Death Roe Caviar

– Frosty Butt Flavored Ice

– Ginger Bread Houses/ trailer (all)

– Gold gift box

– Goody Gumdrops

– Holiday babble greeting cards

– Ice Castle

– In da Club Snow Fort

– Jim Kaplan’s Christmas Trees

– KISScopter

– KISS hog

– Les Bijoux

– Lucky Orphanage

– Quahog Hospital

– Sugar Lick

– Superstore USA

– The Drunken Clam

– Wrap-up Gift Box Factory

– Ye New Christmas Shoppe

•Skins (These should no longer drop Holiday items)

– Founding Father

– Goldman’s Pharmacy

– Griffin House

– McBurgertown

– Quagmire’s House

– Quahog Mall

– Swanson House

– Snowy Playground

•Character drops (These should no longer drop Holiday items)

– Angel Bruce

– Barbara Pewtershmidt

– Elf Peter

– Jesus

– Jingle Joe

– John McClane

– KISS – Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley

– Santa

– Sexy Santa Lois

•Squatters  (These should no longer appear on the playspace)

– Reindeer

– Shoppers

– Snowman

Here’s the list of Character quest goals that should still complete when the Christmas Event has ended.

Example of how to read this Continuing Goals after Xmas list:  

• If you have Jasper that is only on Pt.1-3, your quest for Jasper will fail and won’t appear.

• If you have Jasper and have completed Pt. 1-3, you can continue and complete Jasper Quest Goals Pt.4-6.

Continuing Goals after Xmas:

Week 1: 
Jasper Goals:
Jasper Visits Pt. 4
Jasper Visits Pt. 5
Jasper Visits Pt. 6

Week 2:
John McClane Goals:
Happy Trails Pt. 3
Happy Trails Pt. 4
Happy Trails Pt. 5
Happy Trails Pt. 6
Happy Trails Pt. 7
Happy Trails Pt. 8

Jesus Goals:
Save the Date Pt. 1              
Save the Date Pt. 2
Save the Date Pt. 3
Save the Date Pt. 4
Save the Date Pt. 5

Week 3:
Jingle Joe: 
Hustle and Bustle Pt. 2 side 1
Hustle and Bustle Pt. 3
Hustle and Bustle Pt. 4
Hustle and Bustle Pt. 5

Five Golden Rings Pt. 3 side 2
Five Golden Rings Pt. 4
Five Golden Rings Pt. 5

Hanukkah Mort:
A Very Jewish Christmas Pt. 1 side 4
A Very Jewish Christmas Pt. 2A
Very Jewish Christmas Pt. 3

Puppy Brian:
Young Dog, Old Tricks Pt. 2 side 5
Young Dog, Old Tricks Pt. 3
Young Dog, Old Tricks Pt. 4
Young Dog, Old Tricks Pt. 5

Week 4: 
Bag of Tricks Pt. 1
Bag of Tricks Pt. 2
Bag of Tricks Pt. 3
Bag of Tricks Pt. 4

Elf Peter:
Elf Too Fat for a Shelf Pt. 2


7 thoughts on “What to expect at the end of the Christmas event!”

  1. Looks like the event has ended for me!
    7 snow flakes needed from the yeti to get Jesus.
    Bit of a disappointment.

    Also seems like the cookies have disappeared for now.

    No quest has started for me yet, do we know when and who triggers it?


  2. with past quests the leftover item we could use stayed on the screen annoyingly long but the christmas cookies which we are supposed to be able to use are no where to be found. Any news from tinyco on where they went?


  3. I opened the gold gift box just for fun before the event ended. I got Peter’s tank which was the only thing I really wanted besides the clams. I hope they introduce more moving vehicles cause they are really cool.


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