Happy New Years Eve!

Hey Family Guy Players!

Happy New Years Eve! I hope you are excited for 2015 as I am. So Tinyco has updated the game with a few new stuff, which for freemiums, they can just ignore. Click more to find out what is new.

So when I first opened up the game, I got a notification from Stewie saying that he wanted a Fire Truck for Christmas and hasn’t gotten it yet. You are then given a one day quest to get the fire truck by…buying clams just this once. It’s mostly a deco so this can be easily ignored if you don’t care, but that isn’t all that was added. For one day, some of the bigger clam packages are 20% off just for one day, so if you have some money you want to spend to get clams as a lower price, this is your chance. Here is a picture regarding the discount:



Or in ££££’s!



This is a fairly decent deal as you can get more clams for a lower price and still have more money for other things. If you are waiting for a chance to buy some clams, this would be a good time.

So players, are you happy to see some bigger clam packages have a discount for a day? Are you interested in getting the fire truck deco? And for freemium players, do you feel disappointed that there isn’t anything new for you for New Years Eve? Let us know.

Til then, let’s end 2014 with a bang!





23 thoughts on “Happy New Years Eve!”

  1. Since in the play store the game is gone am i still going to be able to play. It says the up grade is not for my phone. It’s with a lot of people that don’t have i phone’s. I have a lot of time and money in the game. I don’t want to stop playing.


  2. Ok so i still had that one offer thing for the cookies and sleigh bell stockings and i decided to buy a normally ten dollar thing for 8 dollars and the deal didnt activate. Kind of interesting.


  3. Two issues; I click on the Clam Sale buy button and the Clam Shack opens still showing the original price, then when I click on its buy button nothing happens, screen frozen (except for the squirrel), no interaction, had to close the App.


    1. Ended up buying the 600 clam pack from the pop-up, still showed $19.99 thru the process. iTunes bill came in last night – $19.99!!!
      Where’s the 20% off???


  4. As there was 20% off Clams I thought why not? So I now have a neat Festive Firetruck driving around my town, and have a bunch of clams for the New Years event, to go along with however much I get for all my Christmas Cookies in the next events currency.


    1. As far as I know, only the Christmas Cookies are going to be used for the New Years Event so I think it’s ok to put your Xmas decorations away.



  5. This was definitely worth the wait! Now hopefully I can finish off the Yeti to get Jesus in time, despite setting alarms and following the superful helpful tips on this website.


    1. I don’t know. I’m mostly a freemium player and only buy clams when it is really necessary. I’m sure someone can tell you if they get it.



  6. FINALLY!!! I was waiting for this all throughout the Christmas event and it never came. The Firetruck will be a bonus to go along with Peter’s Tank and Meg’s Car. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see how the extra 100k Gingerbread I have will help with the New Year’s event. 🙂


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