Keep hold of your Christmas Cookies!

Rtrfisher has sent us a reply from TinyCo regarding Christmas Cookies and the New Years Event:

“If you have left over cookies and already bought all the decorations, you can hold onto them to get a head start on the upcoming New Years event! There will be a New Years Mystery box that will cost cookies, containing items that will be needed for the event.

Please note: This is not a 1:1 conversion. Since New Years is a completely different event, it uses its own items. Extra cookies will give you a nice boost, but Brian still needs your help.”


31 thoughts on “Keep hold of your Christmas Cookies!”

  1. I sure hope the mystery box has prizes worth winning…I have close to 300k and no need of anything else. I picked up one of every xmas item already.


  2. This is awesome news, so glad I held onto my Cookies and didn’t start buying stupid amounts of decorations, I have 246,236 Cookies to spend after all, I don’t have a problem with it not being a 1:1 conversion as they will still be put to good use.


  3. When battling the Yeti, have as many people fight as possible and make sure they are all attacking when his stamina reaches 0. If they have a check mark over their head do not click it while the Yeti is down that way there as soon as he is back up you can click the check mark and begin attacking him immediately. So basically you are attacking him while he is down and not having to wait 4 hours to time out after he stands up.


  4. What about the gift box materials, can we convert them? I have 400 candy canes but nothing to do with them.
    And please can we get more land? I maxed out over this Christmas event.


  5. That’s awesome! Now I wish I knew what to do with all these stockings. It would be nice to convert them to event currency like they did with Halloween.


  6. I’m glad there will be a way of using up the cookies but I need a break from events, to many in one go. They will end up running out of ideas (evident in this event, no knew ideas except characters)


  7. Thank god! I’ve been at the game for an hour buying over 50 worth of every items and got sick of it so I stop. And I still have over 100 thousand cookies left. I mean what the heck or where the heck will I be able to put 50 snowman or present boxes?


  8. Not related to the cookies but won’t we be able to switch other items we have left over like in other events? I’m gonna finish on 99 snowflakes because I won’t be able to kill the yeti another time before the event ends. Is there any way to get 1 snowflake to unlock Jesus? 😦


      1. It didn’t work!!!! Didn’t do the update but the Christmas event was still gone :-(. Very annoyed there was no other way to get 1 snowflake


  9. Phew. I was worrying about how I was going to manage spending all 120k cookies I’ve somehow acquired (was there a glitch at some point that might have given me all these extra cookies or have others gotten this much too – I remember looking to see I had 15k and then the next time I looked, admittedly about a week later, and had over 100k).


    1. You win 99,000 cookies for unlocking Santa. Nice gesture by Tiny Co, but in order to unlock Santa a person would have had to have purchased most if not all of the event items of significance, other than perhaps Jesus. Anyway, great of them to put in something for us to do with them since the amount of decos would be insane.


    1. I’m still waiting to hear when the Blue Arches will be ReReleased.. Any word?? Tinyco took them out at the beginning of the event. I wanted to buy them :/


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