2014 in a clam shell…..

We have had an amazing 2014. So we might not be google, but we have had a massive amount of visitors and we would like to take a few minutes of your time to thank you all for joining us!

Each and everyone of you that has subscribed, commented, followed us, sent us an email, liked a post or just plain read it have made this year amazing for us!

We hope you will stick with us in 2015 and we are dedicated to bringing you up to date information as it happens – despite it sometimes being the middle of the night here in the UK!

We hope the updates TinyCo brings are fresh and new and keep everyone’s interest – we would love you to share your hopes for 2015, either about the game, the blog or life in general!

Zooey and myself would like to give a massive virtual high five to Rypod and Justin! Without you guys we would be swamped so you have taken off some of that burden and kept a massive community spirit going! We are extremely grateful for your help!

Samm, your headers are amazing and long may they continue to grace the top of the blog – thanks for doing something that we most certainly can’t!

Now we would like to give away 50 clams to each of the people on the following image as a token of our appreciation!


Could everyone on the list please email us with their country and PayPal!

Also a little extra note to pick1es who was here posting before myself, Zooey couldn’t have done it without your help and I was able to watch from the sidelines for longer!

Next time I post I expect it will be to tell you all about the new year update….. The countdown begins soon…..


10 thoughts on “2014 in a clam shell…..”

  1. Thanks to everyone for all your help & time you have put into this site over 2014. Without your tips I wouldn’t of done as well as I have. Wishing you all an amazing New Year…… 2015 Here we come. See you all on the other side


  2. Thank you for your kind words Zooey and Holly. Without you guys, we wouldn’t even have a awesome site where we can get to meet other players who share the same interest in this game. I really enjoyed being a comment moderator and helping you guys out when there were comments to be checked and to be replied to. I know i’ve been busy in the past few months and took a break from the game (due to losing interest in the game), but i’m trying my best to continue playing the game, even though we have issues with some of the things in the game.

    And I thank you ladies for all your hard work on keeping us updated on current events in the game. It really helps alot of us when we know what is coming out and what to expect when we go in our games. And I appreciate getting to help you guys with posting updates of the game too when you are busy and can’t update it at the exact moment. I know you guys are busy with life and you can’t update everything on the spot so it good to have someone be a backup for when you guys aren’t there. I thank you for everything you have done for the site and for the people here.

    And I thank you guys for coming here and commenting and getting to share your thoughts and your stats on the game. It really makes me feel honored that we have such devoted fans who comes in the posts and comment on something relating for the post and biding by the rules. Most comments I saw where great and approved most of them after reading them. I had a few that I wasn’t keen on, but comments have been really great this year and I thank all of you for that.

    Happy New Years Eve everyone. Make sure not to get too drunk. I really want to see you guys next year.



  3. Just want to say thanks to all of you guys, even the posters!!! I am sure that you guys give up a lot of your personal time. I get so many good ideas from all of you guys. With some of these timed events, you have to get a jump start at them.


  4. So many comments you must be annoyed of me by now lol!! Sometimes I feel like a moderator!!
    But seriously thanks for the clams and for giving us such a great site and pleasant community to discuss the game. The reason I commented so much is that the posts deserved it, so I thank you all.
    And what’s the email?


  5. Thanks for the mention ladies 🙂 it’s always nice to be appreciated and I’ll continue to do my best in 2015 too 🙂

    But there’s some people you forgot to thank…YOURSELVES!!!

    Without you two, this site wouldn’t be possible, I wouldn’t be able to do this and so I’d like to personally thank both Zooey and Holly for the amazing work that they have done in 2014 too and long may it continue!!

    It is both a privilege and an honour to work with you two ladies 🙂


    P.S. If anyone else shares my sentiments about these ladies, let them know just how awesome they are 😉


    1. Thanks Ryan! We honestly have a great (if a bit stressful) time writing! But seriously without you half the comments would escape past us so you help bind the community and that is one of the most important things to us so thank YOU!


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