2015 is coming very soon, this calls for a celebration!

Hey Family Guy Players

If you go into your game, you get a notification of a new event coming after Christmas. Read more to find out.

Here is what the notification looks like once you enter the game:

2015 Celebration


So we’re getting a new event shortly after the Christmas event ends. This is pretty exciting news here. But it will feature two new things in this event. A new costume for Brian (which is shown on the picture with him wearing a Tuxedo) and Jillian being available since being revealed a half a year ago. It’s good to see the characters that were revealed a half a year ago finally show up now instead of making us pull our hair out waiting form them to show up.

Players, are you excited that Jillian is going to be in Quahog to make her do tasks for you? Are you excited that Brian will be getting another costume right after getting his costume on the Christmas Event? What do you think will happen on the New Years celebration? Let us know.

Til then. Have a wonderful New Years day everyone and i’ll see you all in 2015.



38 thoughts on “2015 is coming very soon, this calls for a celebration!”

  1. I’m trying to load my game with the New Year update & it’s not letting me.. It says ‘reward has nothing in it’ and then takes me back to the Christmas load screen. Anyone else??


  2. I myself can’t get Jesus , and used clams .. But I will not pay money. So, sorry Jesus.

    What if the blue plutonium?! Come on! That sounds like fun !


  3. I messaged Tiny Co about all the extra cookies and here was there response.

    “If you have left over cookies and already bought all the decorations, you can hold onto them to get a head start on the upcoming New Years event! There will be a New Years Mystery box that will cost cookies, containing items that will be needed for the event.

    Please note: This is not a 1:1 conversion. Since New Years is a completely different event, it uses its own items. Extra cookies will give you a nice boost, but Brian still needs your help.”


  4. Please guys help me does anyone know if Brian is necessary for the New Years event I have everything from the Christmas in case it could help but I’m trying to unlock Brian and wondering if I need him for Jillian I would prefer not to use clams to unlock him help


  5. I was hoping there would have been something else added in the last few days for us to spend our Christmas Cookies on, as with everything unlocked I have 235,563 Cookies to spend, I’m gonna end up with a stupid amount of Christmas decorations. But I’m looking forward to the New Years event, I think it’s gonna be a short event, looking at Brian in his tuxedo makes me hope Sinatra at some point.


  6. I think it would be nice if they take all of the event cookies that are left over, and you could open a box or something that has all of the buildings in it that you don’t have, or outfits, even decorations.. Very few people have everything… Just a suggestion…


    1. Love that idea! I started playing with just a couple days left in Comic Con, and I would love a chance to get stripper Bonnie or some of the items only available then. Or, just turn these cookies into cash like TSTO does with Krustyland tickets.


  7. We got all those cookies && aren’t able to get much. Everything to help us cost clams! I will admit tinyco was very generous with them. But I still dont have enough to get much! I really wanted Jesus but its too hard. I only have 40 blue stockings && the event ends soon. I know I won’t be able to get him unless they offer us to buy him, which I doubt! I love the game, but they’re making really hard to get stuff.


  8. I am so pissed they wasted my time with jesus on the Xmas event. Gojng to 1 star unless he appears under my tree. First I went to fight top hat yeti with Joe, lots, and mort. I had 2 of the characters with check marks as soon as top hat yeti appeared so I figured I have a 3 point jump. I actually set my alarm to not miss a turn and I still missed it by one. Wtf is their problem? I had 3 points of damage for free and still could not defeat him without missing. How does this happen? I am seriously on the fence with this. The Christmas event is impossible to finish without buying characters and to me that is not a freemium game.


  9. Are we positive this event starts AFTER the Christmas event ends? The way I interpreted it, is that we’ll have a short little celebration from the 30th or 31st until the 1st. Since they only show/mention one costume and one new character, they could fairly easily shove that into a few days long event. Maybe a way to spend all those leftover cookies/stockings?
    Unless we have word from the tiny co God’s that it will be a longer event that starts after Christmas is over. In that case, disregard everything I said ;P


  10. What was the point in giving us the 99,000 cookie reward if we have NOTHING to use them on? And I have hundreds of the items for the gifts that are useless also! This was a GREAT event up until the last week, with the release of KISS and the fact that a lot of time was wasted to get all the cookies and items for gifts.

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    1. Yeh that peed me off too
      It would have been better if we could use it to unlock characters or buildings. But no we can’t use them to do anything and they will just dissapear when the event ends


  11. Too many events lately new players will never catch up! I been playing from start so I’m ok.
    Would like to have a life though I’m glued to this thing and wasted loads on it


    1. I started the game Dec 6th bought $4.99 and 19.99 clam packs. Bought john gene Paul and Mort’s pharmacy skin and an accidental task finish for 200+200+100+100+56?=656 clams plus a few misc small amounts here and there and easily completed everything except the very Jewish Xmas and fruit cake quest lines as I am just starting to unlock Asian town. And still have 556 clams.

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  12. I’m still trying to get Jesus and would like some more time for this Christmas event, but I just hope New Year isn’t too long. If we’re only getting 2 new characters it should only be a week or 2. Plus we better get new space and move on quickly to the normal storyline districts.


  13. This christmas event was somewhat of a let down.
    I have over 100000 of the christmas biscuits but i have nothing except for jesus to use them on. I have the decorations and buildings u can buy but the rest are just going to disappear once the event is over. We can’t even exchange them for money or clams


  14. If Brian has his Tux on, could Frank Sinatra Jr be there as well? Perhaps having his club as well as NYE venue? Andy Dick to ruin it all??
    Thanks also for spelling til correctly! Personal peeve of mine!!


  15. LOL I just finished my task list today it’s finally empty 😀 for the first time in weeks. I was really hoping Santa had hidden that plutonium behind the tree but I guess not, Claus you porcine double-crosser! And to think I was nice.


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