Hey Family Guy Gamers,

This is my first time actually posting something myself without the help of Zooey or Holly but I thought I better had, due to the busy nature of this Christmas period…

If there are any questions that we haven’t got round to answering yet, or anyone we’ve missed replying to, on behalf of all of us at Family Guy Tips, let me be the first to say…we’re sorry.

We answer questions for you all in our spare time as we all have other jobs and families and obviously over Christmas, I personally, haven’t been able to answer as many questions as I’d have liked to. I work as a Supervisor in Food Retail myself so you can imagine how busy that gets over the Christmas/New Year period and as I say, we all have families and loved ones that we’ve been spending our Christmas with.

Hopefully, come the New Year, we should be a little more freed up to do our best for you guys again and we appreciate your patience.

It’s an awesome little community that we’ve got going here, and we love chatting to each and every one of you so bear with us for the moment and let’s look forward to a fantastic New Year full of great new events 🙂

Thanks, once again 🙂

P.S. I really hope this posts now lol :/


29 thoughts on “Apologies”

  1. Rypod, putting family and work before this is nothing to be ashamed of. You are a human being just like the rest of the mods. It would have been bad for you to neglect your family and job to work on the site and it would have been terrible of us to expect it. Don’t worry about it okay?

    Here’s a tip for anyone having problems with the yeti…
    1) Get yeti low on health. Make sure everyone is attacking him that is able to.
    2) When the attack task is completed, click on each character one at a time, putting them immediately back on him before clicking another character. If you have a higher hit point character and yeti health is above 3, click them first and put them right back on the yeti. If yeti health 3 or less, click on lower characters. You wanna do it so a lower hit point character does the finishing blow.
    3) Once the yeti is defeated, do NOT click on any of the characters (even if their task is done). You should now have all but one character attacking the sitting yeti (the last one who finished him).
    4) When the yeti respawns, click on each of the characters for instant yeti health hits!

    This helped me get top hat yeti when I only had a few characters. After unlocking Jesus I was able to get King Yeti too. This technique is vital if you plan on winning king yeti in the challenge.

    * If you have a character that needs to do a task, make them the character that finishes the yeti.
    *If there is NO chance that you will defeat the yeti that go around, click on all the characters so you can see what health he has left. Put the combination of characters necessary to defeat him on task while the other characters do tasks that are 4 hrs or less in their quest line. When the tasks are complete, put them back on the yeti and follow the instructions above.


  2. Is there any chance we will be getting an extension to the event due to their late updates?
    And is it possible to defeat the king yeti using just Lois, mort and joe?
    These questions might not seem like much but whether or not I get Jesus depends on them lol.


  3. I have a question. MAybe its been asked before.
    But now we have carachters like Santa, Jezus and some other that relate to a specific time of year.

    If we play this game for another year. How would they stay fresh.
    Or is the game gonna end?

    Who has thougth about this or knows more?

    Excuse my english i wrigth normaly in Dutch 🙂


  4. Ryan,

    First I would like to say a Merry Belated Christmas! and a Happy New year to you and your family and of course to the FGQFS family as well!

    Any word at all if they are going to try and put out anymore memory enhancements out for the game? It has been so much worse with the x-mas challenge. I noticed this time, when the yeti’s hit town, I could only get 2 minutes of play time. Right now I go in and click the check marks, then exit, then back in send them to do their tasks, then log out and once again log in and then I collect my money. Once I start clicking on coins I do not allow the game to collect, I do the collecting. By doing the collecting myself, I noticed that it helps with the game crashing.

    I suggested to them over two weeks ago to turn of the blizzard animation, but they said no and that they were going to put out more memory enhancements to help…so just thought i would ask.


    1. It seems unlikely as the Christmas event is due to end soon that they will bother now. Hopefully once all the christmas animations have left our towns the demand on the memory won’t be half as high.

      Happy Holidays!


  5. Don’t be sorry; You all deserve a break! Besides, your site had all the details up, before another popular site posted anything. Keep up the great work and enjoy the new year!


  6. What do they expect us to do with 99k cookies? I have everything that I could get without clams. I can’t get Jesus cause I only have 30 snowflakes.


  7. On face space it says I have 52/53 characters. I have bought all the premium characters and won/unlocked all the other characters/skins. Have I missed something? Plus I have so many (over 200,000 ) cookies left and nothing to spend them on. I hope they bring out another box or something. It seems like such a waste.


  8. Jeez, don’t be so hard on yourselves! It’s the holidays and after all, it is JUST A GAME!

    Thanks for all you guys do and happy holidays and happy new year!


  9. Do you know if there will be another mystery box for a chance at clams? I have everything and got 100,000 cookies left. I was all excited that I had a 100 chances to get clams in that mystery box but it dissapeared as soon as I got everything.


    1. Nope, there is currently not a way to do either of those. I had hoped they would revamp the daily friend gifts to include snowflakes since it had candy canes and dolls in there already, but it was not to be. Seems like TinyCo has thrown down the gauntlet that you must beat Top Hat Yeti at least a few times or you won’t be getting Jesus in your game. Don’t miss out like a lot of folks did with Takei!!! Jesus is awesome and I’m not even religious!!!


  10. Do You Know When TinyCo. Will Reply To Me Because I am Waiting For an answer from them on why I can’t unlock Carter Pewtershmidt…

    Thanks as Always, Happy Holidays!


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