Week 4 Christmas FAQS

Find the answers to some of your questions regarding the week 4 tree upgrade!

How do I unlock Angel Bruce?
Angel Bruce becomes available when you upgrade to the Festive Christmas Tree. You will need to start the quest “Hark the Herald, Angels Mediate” and collect the following items:

    10 Halos (uncommon) from Bonnie, Connie, Francis Griffin, and the Sugar Lick Stable
    5 Feathers (rare) from Bruce, Seamus, Jesus, and the Snowy Town Hall
    5 Angelic Vests (rare) from Herbert, Chris, Puppy Brian, and Christmas Quagmire’s House
    1500 Christmas Cookies

If you unlock Angel Bruce completely before the Christmas event ends, he is yours to keep forever.

How do I get Elf Peter?
Elf Peter is an outfit that you can win from the Polka Dot Gift Box!

What triggers the Holiday Week 4 Challenge?
The Week 4 challenge will become available once you unlock Angel Bruce. You’ll have 4 days to complete this challenge!

What can I win from the Sleigh Bell Gift Box?
You can win the following buildings, decorations, and building skins from the Sleigh Bell Gift Box:

    Big Ol’ Birthday Cake
    Santa’s Reindeer
    Quagmire’s Bondage Rack
    Sweetheart’s Gazebo
    Snowy Town Hall

Once you’ve won all of these prizes, the gift box will disappear.  Please note that currency and material prizes can repeat.

What can I win from the Polka Dot Gift Box?
You can win the following buildings, decorations, and outfits from the Polka Dot Gift Box:

    Wrap-it-up Gift Box Factory
    Jubilant Christmas Tree
    Train Station
    Santa’s Sleigh
    Elf Peter (Outfit)

Once you’ve won all of these prizes, the gift box will disappear. Please note that currency and material prizes can repeat.

How do I get Gene Simmons?
In order to get Gene Simmons, you must purchase the KISScopter from the shop.

How do I get Paul Stanley?
In order to get Paul Stanley, you must progress through the “KISSmas Concert” quest.

The “KISSmas Concert” quest will appear after you’ve completed “All About the Bass Pt. 1” OR “Do You See What I See? Pt. 1.”

My device is not compatible with the 1.5.5 update.
The latest update, 1.5.5, ran into a bug making it incompatible with a small number of Android devices. If you’re seeing the “device not compatible” error message, it means your device is one of those affected.

This is not permanent: the team is working to get all players updated as soon as possible. We’ll post an announcement on Facebook as soon as the update is available to all players.

In the meantime, players on 1.5.0 will be unable to visit friends in Ollieland. If you update on an iOS device, you’ll be able to play on that device in the meantime. Players on 1.5.0 will still be able to access all Holiday content.

I didn’t get my 25 Free Clams!
In order to claim your free clams, go to the Shop tab. You’ll see an item that looks like a pile of clams and the price will say “Free!”

Tap on this!  This will open a gift box with 25 clams in it. Merry Christmas!


47 thoughts on “Week 4 Christmas FAQS”

  1. How do you unlock the grand prize? I have unlocked all the four previous and done everything, but can’t seem to see it in my inventory? Plus there isnt a tick on the grand prize box like there is on the others?


  2. Just to clarify (before I spend the clams), if you fail to defeat King Yeti in 24 hours, you can spend clams to make him come back as King Yeti with his health WHERE YOU LEFT OFF, right?
    So if in the first 24 hour span you get King Yeti’s health from 35 down to 15, if you choose to spend the clams, he will come back with 15 health, right? Not 35?
    And does anyone know exactly how many clams you need to spend to do this?


  3. Is there any other way to get snowflakes for Jesus besides clearing yeti and getting the building which you have to spend clams on? I have enough cookies, but only 12 snowflakes..

    And I have finished the with list, but don’t see Santa anywhere. .


      1. Force closing worked 🙂

        Do you have any other tips to get like.. 88 snowflakes before the event end, without spending clams? I want Jesus really bad.. 🙂


  4. I just wonder why Tiny Co did not make the King Yeti Deco large and animated like Stay Puff Marshmellow Man. This is a real disappointment.


  5. So I unlocked the 4th week challenge with the rabid reindeer but we I click “GO” beside unlock Santa nothing happens. How do I unlock Santa?


      1. I completed the whole wish list but didn’t get Santa, I can’t see him in the inventory and a restart didn’t do anything. I have completed all of the quests but haven’t been awarded the rabid reindeer but I do have a normal reindeer walking around.


  6. I like to say thanks to all the people at fgt for ur help with the game and make it enjoyable for us all. Wish everyone a happy new year. I enjoyed this event, it’s awesome. The final phase ….eh…was hoping for more. Never been a fan of kiss and I bet the kids nowadays doesn’t even know who they are. I guess a lot of people at tinyco is for them to put it in.hope they do something cool for new year.


    1. Kiss are an awesome band, totally underrated (although they are inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame :D) we appreciate the kind words Joe, its been hard on us all over Xmas at Family Guy Tips because due to our actual jobs (mine is retail) and families, we haven’t been able to help as much so we’re sorry if there are anyone who’s question hasn’t been answered, we’ve all been swamped lately



      1. Believe me, most of us knows everyone at fgt have families and friends too but even with all that going on u guys still manage to put the info fast and accurate for us all and all the stuff u guys done through out the year for us is very much appreciated. Kind people deserve kind words and arreciation. Again, thank u for all ur hard work guys and gals.


  7. Hey guys, any information regarding the possibility of purchasing snowflakes with clams? I felt like the yeti being the only freemium method if obtaining them was a little unfair (I have three characters fighting constantly and haven’t been able to finish off childish) I would be willing to use some clams to buy snowflakes though as I’d really like to get Jesus and I know they’ve done similar options in the past…let me know if you’ve heard anything 🙂


  8. Oh no!!!! This week’s challenge is getting Santa unlocked and I have already done that! But I am not getting credit for completion and my Santa seems to be missing. I still have his prize reindeer running around and I had won everything from the boxes. Help? Thoughts?? Thanks.


  9. I’m holding on to my 100K in Cookies til the last minute. Stewie gets plutonium from Santa on the show plus there is an extra character slot showing up. I dont think this event is quite over yet.


  10. Hopefully the add special stuff in the last few days to purchase with the cookies like they did with the Halloween event. Because why else would they reward you with 99,000 cookies by completing the Santa Wish List. If they don’t then there was no point in rewarding them because there is nothing really to buy that would justify rewarding that many cookies.


  11. So here are my 4 questions I’ve gotten no response from TC yet.

    I purchased Paul Stanley, but do not have the Do you see what I see questioning.M

    I received elf Peter but did not get the elf too fat for a shelf questioning.

    No week 4 challenge. I’ve read it unlocks after a very Jewish Christmas which I can’t do yet because I’m still 2+ days from unlocking Brian let alone districts 7 and 8 and the theater and restaurant. Weird that I don’t even have part 2, as it didn’t stop from giving me the questioning that needs Stewie. BUT according to their FAQ it unlocks after unlocking Angel Bruce. Can anyone confirm when week 4 challenge unlocks.

    Does anyone know how to get the king yeti quest? I am letting mine reset and hop to figure out where to get the quest before a run through all 5. Any way to give up on the current king to start it over quicker


    1. After reindeer games part 3 or 4 (not sure which as 4 complete right away) I got the Paul Stanley do you see what I see quest, the defeat king yeti quest, and an unlock Angel Bruce quest, still no Jewish Christmas part 2, weekly challenge, elf on a shelf quests though.


  12. I’ve got everything out of all the Xmas boxes plus the kiss characters. I have over 100,00 Cookies to spend but nothing left to buy. I’ve got so many xmas decorations as it is…. I’ve unlocked all the skins as well but when I look at the bottom at the face space button it says I have 52/53 characters. Who’s the other character? Does anyone know. I have santa and Jesus on locked. I can’t see another character or skin that needs unlocking??


  13. is it possible for me to get 40 snowflakes in 5 days?

    I currently have 15 hours for king yeti with 28health. I’m not going to make that one so I have to defeat the viking – top hat.

    is it possible in 5 days?


  14. Judt got the last gift for santas list and given 100000 gingerbread men, not sure on what to spend them on as have all the stuff and gift boxes, hopefully something will come nesr the end, but still appreciated.


      1. I’m glad they included a “free” option for gift boxes, but I’m waiting till the last day to spend cookies on the polka dot box. We may need them for other gifts, etc.


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