Dry As Fruitcake: Walkthrough

Peter starts. This seems a bit of an extra walkthrough for week 4, you will need Peter, Meg, Stewie, Brian and Quagmire.

Part. 1
-Have Stewie Borrow Something Sharp – 2h

Part. 2
-Have Peter Stub His Knee – 2h

Part. 3
-Have Meg Watch Hallmark Holiday Movies – 4h

Part. 4
-Have Brian Pile on Fruitcake – 4h

Part. 5
-Have Quagmire do the Giggity Strut – 2h

All completed quest line parts will earn 25 cookies and 5 holiday cheer.


19 thoughts on “Dry As Fruitcake: Walkthrough”

  1. The task unlocks once you have reached District 9 and have placed Vinny.

    Warning: you have three days to receive a free building by collecting all items for Vinny. Joe and Mort are needed for this so you may want to delay until after you have defeated King Yeti.


  2. Just jumping on here to say the same thing…no “find something sharp” task available for stewie to do. Fix fast please! Clocks tic’n!


  3. Do you have to have Stewie’s blimp completed to get this to work? I’ve gone through his entire list and the only locked ones are for buildings you get with clams.


  4. I’m guessing since I haven’t unlocked Stewie, I won’t get this quest? I was just about to get to the district to unlock him when Christmas hit, not much time to do anything unrelated to the Christmas event. 😛
    Hope you guys had a merry Christmas and Santa brought you everything you wanted.


  5. I cant start the stewie borrow something sharp. Does he needs to be at a specific level for that action to unlock? Can anybody help?
    Thanks in advance.


      1. There are are only three options that remain locked for stewie. Fish for kittens, put on a variety show and watch jolly farm revue, this last one needs level 8 and the others need specific buildings. What am i missing?


      1. I have the same problem. Does anyone know what’s up with this? I can’t find any task for stewie that works for this….? No locked tasks either


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