Christmas Challenge: Rudolf the Rabid Reindeer (week 4)

UPDATE: You need Angel Bruce unlocked for the week challenge to pop up!

Peter starts the challenge. If you are way off the wish list then you might want to avoid clicking on Peter for a couple of days to work on that.

-The challenge lasts 4 days
-You need to Check out the prize
-You then have 4 days to get Santa this is completed by getting all the items on the wish list. Remember you don’t need Jesus, just his item.

You will win the Rabid Reindeer decoration and if you have completed all of the other weekly challenges in time you will also be receiving the grand prize!

A pop up will appear called “Christmas Challenge Finale” this will send you over to your inventory where your grand prize awaits.

The Snowmobile is an animated Deco.


26 thoughts on “Christmas Challenge: Rudolf the Rabid Reindeer (week 4)”

    1. I checked my inventory a couple of times but only his reindeer was there. Also forced to close the game and reopened it like Hollpyopsicle said. Guess I missed something?


  1. I have completed the Santa’s wish list (including his reindeer, I got 9999 cookies) and have unlocked Angel Bruce but I haven’t gotten the golden gift box in my inventory (or any other place). Does anyone else have the same problem?


  2. I have got all the presents required but still no Santa. How does he arrive? I noticed his sleigh missing that was by the Christmas tree. The Rabid Reindeer quest tells me I have 4 days to get santa, but why is he not there?


  3. Have you got Angel Bruce already? It very clearly says in TinyCo’s Help answers that he is necessary to start this week’s challenge.

    As directly quoted below:

    “What triggers the Week 4 Holiday Challenge?

    The Week 4 challenge will become available once you unlock Angel Bruce. You’ll have 4 days to complete this challenge!”

    You’re welcome. 🙂


  4. What if you have alreafy completed the wishlist? It said I earned Santa but the challenge still shows like i havent completed the wishlist


      1. Same thing has happened with me, I got all the gifts from the box including the reindeer for Santa and it said he was unlocked but it hasn’t happened. The challenge is still there and I haven’t been given my prize 😦


  5. Oh so it’s just tired to Santa’s list and not the new “enemy”. Well that’s good. I haven’t had part 2 of Jewish Christmas launch yet, but I’m still working on pt 1 of Reindeer


      1. I upgraded twice, I am maxed out Holiday, and tree. I am on: Reindeer Games Pt 6, Hark the Herald, Angels Mediate, Save the date pt 5, Death Fit for a king, Dry as a fruitcake pt 4, All about the bass pt 2(Now the song is stuck in my head), Bag of tricks pt 1, Do you see what I see pt 3 thats it, I dont know what I missed


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