Sleigh Bells Gift Boxes

This is the week 4 gift box it will cost you 1000 cookies, 20 candy cane stockings and 3 sleigh bell stockings. The box will take 1 hour.

You can earn sleigh bells by:
– clearing reindeers
-get from Jim Kaplans Christmas trees (1000 cookies, always drops sleigh bells every 8 hours)

In the gift box this week is:

Big Ol’ Birthday Cake (wishlist Jesus, 4 clams)
-Reindeer (Wish list, Santa, 4 clams)
-Snowy Town Hall
-Quagmires Bondage Rack (Wishlist Quagmire, 4 Clams)
-Sweethearts Gazebo (Deco)

Angela pointed out that it makes sense to buy the Sweetheart Gazebo before you start on the box. That way you won’t waste sleigh bells! Thanks Angela 🙂

Each of the items earns 200 holiday cheer when placed and you earn 400 holiday cheer for opening the gift box!

Once you open all the gift boxes you will have unlocked Santa provided you have completed the other items on the wish list!


15 thoughts on “Sleigh Bells Gift Boxes”

  1. All the boxes are unavailable to be opened now and I was planning on using my saved up cookies to buy the rest of the items for jesus. (repeatedly opening to get 5 of the snowflake stocking) has this happened to everyone?


  2. So I’ve completed the box got every item possible and I still have no Santa, santas sleigh is now gone from the game and nowhere to be seen


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