Reindeer Games: Walkthrough

Sexy Santa Lois starts this quest line and it is part of week 4 of the Christmas update.

All started by Sexy Santa Lois.

Part. 1
Have Sexy Santa Lois Vent on Twitter – 1h

Part. 2
Clear 2 mall Santa’s – 2 hours per Santa

(When tapping on Sexy Santa Lois in between Part. 2 and 3 Hark the Herald, Angels Mediate quest line begins, which prompts you to create Bruce who can help clear reindeer)

Part. 3
-Have Peter Hang Out at the Clam – 1h
-Have Quagmire Drink at the Clam – 12h

Part. 4
Build Sculpted Sugar Lick – 500 cookies, earns 8 cookies, 1 holiday cheer and drops uncommon Halos for Angel Bruce. 4 hour build time.

Part. 5
Clear 2 reindeers – reindeers can be cleared by Barbara, Angel Bruce and Paul and they drop sleigh bells.

Part. 6
Have Angel Bruce Toot his Horn – (you will need Angel Bruce to progress) 4h

Part. 7
Decorate Town Hall – you can only complete this part if you get the skin from the Sleigh Bells gift box.

Part. 8
Have Peter ask for Toys – 4h

Part. 9
Have Bonnie Sing Carols – 4h

Part. 10
-Reach Cheer Level 8
-Upgrade to Jubilant Christmas Tree

All completed stages of this quest line will earn 25 cookies and 5 holiday cheer!


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