Kiss Saves Christmas!

As TinyCo managed to leak this earlier today, it won’t come as a surprise to some that the new update contains Gene Simmons and Paul!

Gene Simmons can fight the yeti, adding even more to your fight for the top prizes and / or Jesus….. He will set you back 200 clams, will you be buying him?

Paul is fighting for reindeer rights and he is going to cost you 100 clams!

Gene comes with the KISScopter which earns 12 cookies 2 HC every 4 hours and Paul comes with the KISS hog which earns the same!

You can buy the kiss stage for 500 cookies but it is just a Deco!


3 thoughts on “Kiss Saves Christmas!”

  1. Thank you Tinyco! Kiss is the best thing to happpen to Quahog since freddy, jason, alien and predator. All of which i purchased. Im usually a freemium player but sometimes i gotta do it.. and this is one of those times. Thank you for taking my money.


  2. TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE!!! This is all I wanted for Christmas. Already bought the bonus pack. Already bought Gene and Paul. I’ve been waiting for KISS since I started playing the game. Stage is up and rocking! I now forgive TinyCo for all their sins.


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