Freemium MYSTERY BOX!!!!!!

You may notice you have a polka dot mystery box available to you! Yes it really is freemium! 1000 cookies is pretty tempting unless you are mere cookies away from Jesus!

Oh and there are clams in there! Yep! You read that right! Clams for Cookies!

Gifts in the box:

Wrap-it-up Gift Box Factory (building, animated, 10 cookies, 2 holiday cheer)
-Jubilant Christmas Tree (Deco)
-Present Express (Deco)
-Santa’s Sleigh (Deco)
-Elf Peter (costume)
-5 snowflakes (repeat)
-5 wrapping paper (repeat)
-5 sleigh bells (repeat)
-10 clams (repeat)
-50 clams (repeat)

Once you have won the first five items on this list the box will disappear!


16 thoughts on “Freemium MYSTERY BOX!!!!!!”

    1. Me to, why make it tiny what was the point of that as would have been a good usefull building if it had been full size, and the Yeti, I was expecting full size like the marshmalow man Yet more items to go items in my inventory, not sure if anyone else has a inventory full of useless event theamed stuff, Halloween, Egyptian, 24th July, etc, I am sure there are. Tiny should intriduce an area in inventory for the themed stuff.


  1. Thank you Christmas Shopper trap 😉

    Got all the items that makes it disappear, 5 bells, and 5 snowflakes. Clams would have been amazing, but I really wish I would have gotten more bells before I got all the main stuff.


  2. Yippee! I tried it once and got Elf Peter. So happy because that was the only thing I really wanted. I was only going to give it one go because I know I don’t have enough cookies for the new gift boxes, Jesus and the puppy.


  3. That is GREAT!!! I got every unique item and 5 snowflakes & 50 clams! Spent 7000 cc and now I have only 1500 cc but now I can buy John who will help me with Yeti & bonus cc. Now I am far away from Jesus but full of hope!!!


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