Free Clams!

If you have been very good this year…..


TinyCo have 25 clams for you! Just pop into your game and there they are with a little holiday message!

Happy Christmas to all at TinyCo!


11 thoughts on “Free Clams!”

  1. This came out just after midnight PST. I was actually impressed. My GF told me when my Yeti alarm went off at 12:45 to wake me. 🙂


    1. They are getting ready… the Grand Prize gift (some kind of Bobsled) and Week 4 Challenge prize of Rabid Reindeer are teased now. They weren’t a couple hours ago, I’m pretty sure.

      Would be really good if the 2 Kiss characters really do “Save Santa” by being able to help with striking reindeer and elves. 🙂


  2. TinyCo must not think I’ve been good this year since they didn’t give me clams.
    It’s ok I guess though since I’ve been getting a bunch of free clams from gift boxes & tasks.


    1. Try totally closing your app and restarting it as this worked for me. Wasn’t there when I first got on but showed up on restart of the app.


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