Costume: What can you make Elf Peter do?

Elf Peter can be won from the freemium polka dot mystery box (1000 cookies). The costume is listed as rare but I got it on attempt number 4. He has his own quest line which will kick off after you have the costume or after part three of a very Jewish Christmas (which ever you get to sooner!).






2 thoughts on “Costume: What can you make Elf Peter do?”

  1. Another that should be able to help with Yetis but doesn’t. 4 freemium characters is definitely not enough, especially when you can only use 3 of them for the most part until you have enough Snowflakes for Jesus at which point defeating the Yeti is pointless.

    Can’t help but say I have been disappointed for the most part of this event. Although some of the things have been good, overall I’ve felt like they’ve made this one too premium focused. Although I should be able to get Santa (need two more gifts, so I’ll definitely have this by the end of the event), I’m worried I won’t have Jesus with just 37 Snowflakes so far. I’m hoping I’ll be able to beat the Top Hat Yeti this time around and hopefully another after that, or else I feel it’ll have to spend my clams to speed up the process.

    Luckily, I’m not bothered about any of the premium characters. I’ve decided to stick to not getting them unless they are family guy original characters now for clams.


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