Continued, A Very Jewish Christmas: Walkthrough

Part 1 will be added to this walkthrough when I get 5 minutes, but until then part 2 has kicked off and it all starts with Peter.

You must have Hanukkah Mort to see this quest line.

Part. 2
Have Hanukkah Mort Watch Movies Alone – 6h
Completed quest: 25 cookies, 10 holiday cheer

Part. 3
Have Hanukkah Mort Gorge on Holiday Duck – 2h
25 cookies, 10 holiday cheer

Peter is a busy beaver and also starts the Dry as Fruitcake quest line at this point.
And more…. Elf Peters quest line will also begin at this point if you have won him from the Polka Dot Mystery Box.


14 thoughts on “Continued, A Very Jewish Christmas: Walkthrough”

  1. I think TinyCo fixed this or something. I NOW have Part 2 AND Part 3 on my Task List. Part 2 is NOT necessary. The Challenge start is NOT related to finising these 2 tasks. It’s getting Angel Bruce that is. 🙂

    I now have my Rabid Reindeer and the (janky) Snowmobile even though neither of these Quests are completed. 🙂


    1. Nope… I just unlocked Angel Bruce and no weekly challenge started.. No 2nd and 3rd part Mort quests … Nor did I get king yeti quest… I killed him once already which was a waste… I am now stuck with no ways to get the 4th week prize… No snowmobile for me sigh… I seriously think it bugged because I did part 1 of the quest like 2 weeks ago lol fix this tinyco!


  2. Sorry to repost but I was hoping you guys would have some insight and didn’t get a response last night.
    I saw on comments that Karl stated because he didn’t have district 7&8 open, he would not be able to complete the weekly challenges. I’m in the same boat, I’m currently working on district 7 alongside this Christmas event. Will not having these districts open just affect the weekly challenge to get the rabid reindeer and snowmobile OR will other parts be affected by this??
    I too spent clams for John to help with weekly challenges which I wrote TinyCo about as I find this unfair that it wasn’t posted that only those longtime players would be able to earn the last prizes. I understand wanting to reward those who have played since the beginning but just tell me so, so I spend my clams elsewhere. 🙂
    Sorry for the long winded post, Just bummed!


      1. But I won’t be able to complete it due to not having district 7&8 open, right? do you know how many tasks I need the districts for?


  3. I give up on this game sometimes… I did the first part of this quest when I first unlocked hannuka Mort weeks ago and now That they added the rest of the quest line I don’t have the quest showing up to have him watch a movie alone???? Its not in my quest tab and not as a ! Bubble either… I mean I can see the task but not the quest….Sigh it just keeps making no sense… I need to finsh this before my guys are done killing king yeti dammit!


  4. Peter starting all these quests are not directly related to doing Hanukah Mort’s Questlines… I have not started Part 2, but the ones you’ve listed, I already have them all and have proceeded through them.

    You DO need Angel Bruce unlocked to start the Week 4 Challenge and the Yeti Quest though. 🙂

    Grumbling that I had to unlock District 8 to build the Quahog Cinema for Bruce’s watch movies Alone task to continue with this Questline though… I was intentionally NOT doing so during an active event. Oh well. I want the Rabid Reindeer and Snowmobile. 🙂


  5. I’m in the same boat…working on district 7 now but with the Xmas event, there’s not much downtime to work on it. Will this just affect the weekly challenge to get the rabid reindeer and snowmobile or will other parts be affected by this. Ugh! Frustrating. I too spent clams for John, what was the point?!?!


  6. Well this makes me mad. I won’t be able to do the week 4 challenge because I haven’t unlocked district 7 or 8 so won’t be able to do a very Jewish Christmas part 2 or 3.


      1. Started a few weeks ago and opened district 2 which started the Christmas stuff with a couple days left on the first week. Just opened district 6 this morning so I’m almost done unlocking the doctor but probable a day or 2 from unlocking Brian. Feel cheated after buying John and Paul with clams to not be able to complete the weekly challenges.


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