Top Hat Yeti

If you haven’t already defeated him (because it seems virtually impossible) then this is a sneaky look at what you can win if you do…..


Mating reindeer, a blown up doll in the chimney….. It can only be the Christmas skin for quagmires house!

Do you already have it? Does this make you want to set your alarm for all hours of the night?!


26 thoughts on “Top Hat Yeti”

  1. I tho k this is the 1st time TinyCo has created an event / challenge that makes it impossible to beat without clams.

    I missed week2 challenge and don’t expect to make it to beating TopHat
    I’m just going to squeakBy beating childish yeti if 2 of my 3 charatures does 2 damage this last go around.


  2. Freemium and got it the first time I got to him. Woot!

    I’ve been catching lots of holiday shoppers in my trap (max + near max per spawn), so between that, my clam savings, and presents, I got John McCain. Had him, Mort, Lois, and Joe all spamming the yeti with hits and was thrilled when I got him with time to spare!

    PA: Here is a great trick. When you have almost deleted the yeti, make sure everyone is attacking him and put each person right back on him as soon as they’re free (instead of waiting after checking everyone). Once the yeti is defeated, do NOT click on any of them until he has respawned. You should have all but one character still throwing snowballs at the now sitting yeti. Once he has respawned, you can click on all the characters for instant yeti health hits!


      1. Thanks ryan. I thought i might have missed out on something. There’s so many things to collect in 5 days of Christmas then. The 3 gifts , the bruce angel outfit and also the week 4 quest . Can we get everything in time i wonder.


  3. I defeated top hat yeti 3 times in a row until I got Jesus (using Lois, Mort, and McClane). After I stopped battling him I got the task to defeat him. So now I have to go through all the other Yetis and defeat him a 4th time. At least it’s going quick with Lois, Mort, Joe, McClane, and Jesus all on the job.


  4. the Yeti is impossible I have Mort, Lois and Joe every 4 hours and I can’t even beat the 3rd Yeti. 95% of the time they are only doing 1 damage instead of 2. I am just completely giving up seeing as there is no possible way I will make it to the 4th top hat Yeti, let alone get enough snowflakes to unlock Jesus.


      1. Wait?!….do you mean you can start them during that 4hour waiting period in between & it’ll deduct from whichever yeti is next to appear?!!? That’s so awesome if I understand correctly! Thanks!


    1. It’s cheaper to use the clams to respawn within four hours of expiration, before he resets. Then you get an extra 24 hours to complete where you left off.


  5. What the heck? I beat top hat yeti like 5-6 times already… I bought John with free clams I had saved up 2 weeks in the event and he’s helped me unlock jesus so now I beat him in 3 go with all 5 attacking him… But I did not get that skin???? What quest is it from and what are prerequisits?


  6. I already have the Q mans house skin. I have all 5 battling the Yeti ( Lois,Mort,Joe,Jesus,and John)with the carryover hibernation trick I have managed to beat the Top Hat yeti in 8 hours. It only takes 12 hours on a consistent basis. This is the first time I have ever bought a character when I got John and it’s made the whole Xmas event easy and well pretty boring. I kind of miss the whole challenge of getting things freemium.


  7. I have Mort, Lois, John, Joe and Jesus working on Top Hat Yeti and defeat him every time but have not received Quagmire’s house skin! How do you get that one!?!


  8. I let him reset several times so I could build up the stuff to get Jesus, but I can hopefully move on once I have Him. What a pain in the tookus this guy is, and I actually have John! I tend to be missing just one or two power by the last four hour chunk.


  9. Have it and yes I set an alarm for every 4 hours and got it but only just. and that was with Mort, Lois and John all hitting the Yeti together. Without John I really don’t see any way to defeat him. Funny thing is now that I have all that and Jesus I dont really care about the Yeti anymore and have let him just hang out in his cave throwing his tantrum in peace.

    Now Im focusing on the quest lines that I totally neglected during the long drawn out Yeti assault. Hopefully I will have them done before the next Christmas update.


    1. Don’t forget we’ll have to defeat the king yeti after this week’s update, so I’ll probably keep my yeti at the top hat level so I don’t have to spend time leveling him up again


  10. I’ve found a nifty way to help beat the top hat yeti. Let’s say all possible characters (john, Lois, mort, joe) are battling the yeti. When it comes close to the end of the red meter just tap on check mark until the yeti is defeated ( I use john as he does the most damage) and leave the rest on task. Then tap remaining check marks after the yeti is back from “hibernation”. It may not be much of a help but it helps me!


    1. You can do even better if you immediately reassign to attacking duty each one as you click on their tick. That way they continue the attack whilst the Yeti is hibernating and you only miss out on the attack of the character who finished him off.


  11. I’m having a go at top hat yeti now with (Joe, Lois and Mort).
    I have already knock down 4 bars while he was sleeping – another 20 bars to go and 23 hours+ left.

    I need some luck with 3 characters on him since I don’t have John…

    Just wondering when exactly is this event ending? I’m still miles away from getting enough snowflakes to make Jesus as I need to defect top hat Yeti 3 times in a row.


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