My Jingle Joe stats! (Day 4)

It is that time again… New costume, new stats! It has been just under two days since the new week 3 content was released but I am pretty impressed with these freemium stats!


I haven’t bought any premium buildings or used any Clams to speed any tasks!

I have collected all 15 Spiked Eggnog yesterday, 15 Snow Shovels (4 collected, all collected) and 3 Wreath (0 collected, 7 left to go). So, I have 7 Wreaths and after collecting 4 items today – I have an overall total of 7 more items left to go! I thought I would be getting a Wreath a day, even with Quagmire’s Cabin, but apparently, I am not even getting that anymore!

I hope I do not continue to only collect 1 wreath a day (looks like I am) otherwise it is going to take me right near the end of the event to unlock Jingle Joe – on that basis, just another week until Joe’s new costume will be unlocked!

With all of these items collected, I have managed to bring the overall Clam cost for Jingle Joe down to 70 – 20 Clams less than yesterday after collecting an extra 4 items today, which means each item was (technically) worth 5 Clams, I wish I could buy the items for that price each!

How are your stats? Hope you are all doing well! 🙂


10 thoughts on “My Jingle Joe stats! (Day 4)”

  1. Odd I finished wreaths first thanks to multi ways to get it… You have a grinch after you lol anyways got joe in 2 days.. Eggnog is what took longest for me and I am freemium also.


  2. That’s really odd, I got Joe on the 2nd day. Bear in mind, I do not have any premium buildings et cetera…

    Plus, I got all my wreaths first followed by Eggnog and finally the snow shovels…


  3. Done and got him! Hopefully I’m finally going to pick up steam in collecting those Snowflakes (only have 20 so far, so I’m worried!). Also got Puppy Brian at the same time!


  4. I got Joe the 3rd day I just had Bruce and peter get the wreaths because others could get the other items plus the bunny hill and that building for Babs


  5. It’s definitely strange how unlucky you’ve been with the wreaths. I got them all yesterday and I’m also fully freemium so I find it very weird.
    Anyway I hope you get there in the end. Good luck.


  6. Mine finished up today. I started the day after collecting from overnight having everything except for 2 shovels. I could have pd off to get him with 10 clams but waited out a couple more rounds of tries and received them. He is fighting a Yeti.


  7. I feel so bad for you. You were way ahead of me and I got Joe a little while ago. Those wreaths are going to take forever. 100% freemium here too.


  8. Wow, your game has been really stingy with the wreaths. I’ve caught up to and passed you now, with only 2 more wreaths needed to unlock Joe with the premium cost now down to 20 clams making each wreath worth 10.

    I hope I can finish within the next day, but I really hope for some good drops for you (as in you having at least 6 by the next update). May The Lade smile upon you.


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