Coffee Morning with Stewie!

We thought we would start a new thread for players to discuss anything over a cuppa:


We were thinking about holding a virtual coffee morning for players to discuss a specific topic.

If you would like to get anything of your chest, feel free to do so on this thread.

What I am going to discuss on this open Coffee Morning thread:

Wreaths: I don’t know what is happening with my game, but all the players that have commented on my Jingle Joe stats seem to have no problem and drop rates are a hundred times better than mine! Why will my game not give me anything QUICKLY? It is the holiday season so the game should be more giving! I did get another two wreaths this morning from Bruce and Quagmire’s Cabin, hopefully I will get more today! I have 5 more left to get!

Top Hat Yeti: OK, so as I only have Hanukkah Mort and Sexy Santa Lois, I am never going to defeat the Top Hat Yeti, which is sad as I will never get Quagmire’s Christmas skin as it is the prize for defeating the Top Hat Yeti! Will there be any chance of defeating the King Yeti? And what will be the prize? I think TinyCo should allow all characters to defeat the King Yeti, as it is Christmas 😉

Wrapping Paper: I have never found real life wrapping paper THIS hard to obtain! You go to a shop, pay for paper that gets ripped up, chucked all over the house, then put in a big black bin bag… Basically throwing your money away… But in FGTQFS, wrapping paper is actually worth something! I want Puppy Brian dammit! 😦 If you know what my drop rates are like, you already know how unlikely it will be for me to be able to get 40 wrapping paper stockings in 7 days as well as enjoy the holiday season and all the Christmas movies!

Look forward to hearing your ideas, whinges, gripes, and speculation!


17 thoughts on “Coffee Morning with Stewie!”

  1. On Wrapping Paper: I went to bed last night with 38 of them stored up and 5 Furbals waiting to be used.

    I made it so my town forces the shoppers to run down a straight line on one side of the screen. I call it the “spawning line.” Once that was set up, with the new 1.5.5 update, tapping them locks them in place briefly. If you rapid tap them, and I do mean RAPID, you can get 15 to 20 of them in a blast radius pretty easily.

    I got Puppy Brian this morning. Plus another 8 Wrapping Papers stored up. From 38 to basically 48 in just 5 Furbals.

    It takes patience and not hitting your shoppers the moment they spawn, but yeah, it’s totally possible to get Puppy Brian Freemium and quite easy with simple strategy. 🙂

    My personal best reward per Furbal dropped was 3 wrapping papers, 2 clams (!), and maybe 50 or 60 Gingerbread Cookies. It was a Shopper massacre. 🙂

    My GF, who just started playing the game early December is sitting on 27 stockings for Brian. Less spawn rate due to lower level. She is well on her way to getting him too though.


  2. I’m still shocked that it seems tinyco made the holiday challenge impossible to win unless you used real money and bought Bruce Willis. If that is the way it is gonna be from now on I’m going to 1 star and I will stop playing. Basically tinyco left a giant turd in everyone’s stocking and corporate greed is starting to take hold.


  3. I’m sorry but I think your game is glitched, maybe you should contact tiny co lol. I’m also freemium and I’ve unlocked jingle joe and have 30 wrapping papers (the drop rate got better since the start).
    However I agree with the difficulty of the yeti and think there still should be another freemium character who can fight the yeti, hopefully angel Bruce can when he’s released.


  4. Well I thing you have just not been very lucky by now. I think it all will change soon. ;))) As for me, I got Joe this morning. Wreaths I got faster than shovens. And have 26 wraps now, think will get puppy tomorrow morning. And this all without clams and night alarms.


  5. I am having a terible gaming Xmas… as my game asked me to” upgrade” went to PlayStore (android) and it says that my device isnt compatible with this version… are they (tiny co.) kidding me?


  6. I Don’t Understand….
    I Have
    Jingle Joe
    John Mclane
    Sexy Santa Lois
    Hanukkah Mort
    They All Help Defeat the Yeti, I Have Defeaten the Top Hat Yeti TWICE and it Didn’t Give Me a Skin! (I Feel Cheated Now)

    How Can We Post Pictures on this Site?


    1. If you find the post on here that says “how to post your pics” (or something similar to that) it has the instructions on there, its mainly used for joining the Quahog Millionaires Club but it works for other images too



    2. Have you gotten the actual quest to defeat the Top Hat Yeti? That is a requirement. I was on my third by the time the Quest pinged me. 😛


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