Tuesday Trivia!

This is one of our new daily posts – Trivia Tuesday’s! The trivia questions has been made by our helpful and dedicated Comment Moderator – Rypod!

The answers to this weeks trivia questions will be posted next Tuesday with the next set of trivia questions! This is just for fun so we hope you enjoy testing your Family Guy knowledge!

Answers to last week’s trivia:

1) A nice easy one to start with…It’s a wonderful day for — (pie)

2) Anybody with a brain can tell them everybody —– (poops)

3) At one time, if you asked him who his favourite musicians were, he’d say Leonard Bernstein, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Sebastian Bach, who’s your favourite musician Ollie? —- (Cher)

4) ——–, ——–, ——–, that girl is hard to get (Shipoopi)

5) Don’t like it? Kiss my rump, just for a minute, let’s all do — —- (the bump)

6) Death to America, and butter sauce, don’t boil me, I’m still alive, —- ——- (Iraq lobster)

7) This is a tougher one…Don’t store your condoms in your billfold, those things don’t work if they get dry and old —— —— (broken rubber)

8) Have you ever put butter on a — —-? If you haven’t then I think you should (pop tart)

9) An acorn in a nest of twigs and underneath, two foetal pigs, it’ll make you wish you weren’t even born, parents are —– (gross)

10) Fingernails4cash.com, our service never fails, just take the cash and don’t ask why we want your fingernails…because we might be building a —- with them (fort)

11) Gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna buy me a rainbow, gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna wrap it up in a —– — — (great big bow)

12) What does Hic-A-Doo-La mean? It’s that special feeling when you hold hands with your best gal, it’s cheering really loudly for the home team, it’s catching the perfect play, it’s obeying all the rules… — — (no way)

13) Because if you use toad then I’m telling you, this is what Lando forbids and your kids will be born without ——- (eyelids)

14) We go together because I’m dressed like – — (a cat)

15) The life of the wife is ended by — —– (the knife)

16) Oh, he doesn’t smell like Irish Spring and he never taught me anything, but still I slap my chest and sing of my ——- —– — (drunken Irish dad)

17) My fanny needs a blanket and somebody to spank it, I miss my mom but she’s — — —- (at the prom)

18) We’ve got stumpy Seamus on the lead guitar and he’s gonna give you a great big ——– break (arrrrghh)

19) I dream of Republican town, where the happiest smile you’ll see is Cheney’s —– (frown)

20) So long, farewell, goodbye, auf wiedersehen, I’d like to stay and taste my first ——— (champagne)

Here is this weeks TRIVIA:

Hey guys,

This weeks Trivia Tuesday is in a different style today, this trivia is what I like to call NAME THAT CHARACTER!!!

BUT…this isn’t main characters, oh no, you won’t find the Griffins or Quagmire, Joe, or Cleveland, these are lesser known characters and as usual, your spelling has to be immaculate (or you’re getting detention) haha, and as its Christmas, guess what? It’s the biggest Trivia Tuesday in history!! 🙂 Enjoy!!

Note: I don’t expect anyone to get all of these, this is as hard as it gets but the fun is in trying 🙂 Looking up the answers is no fun at all 🙂

1) Let’s start easy…this character was once a man but is now a woman.

2) She has been married ten times.

3) He murders fat guys.

4) Meg’s red headed friend with braces.

5) He thought he was Tiger Woods.

6) He has a huge bottom jaw.

7) Peter’s real dad.

8) She wanted some coloured Easter eggs…for Christmas.

9) She went to France with Meg.

10) Brian’s son.

11) Brian’s mum and dad.

12) Peter’s Portuguese workers.

13) She’s voiced by Patrick Stewart.

14) He choked and died on a dinner roll.

15) He’s Irish, big whoop, wanna fight about it?

16) They work out to ‘eggs and steak and steak and eggs’.

17) Happy Gerbitz Day!!

18) She dated Tom Tucker.

19) He sells volcano insurance.

20) Brian’s camp cousin.

21) He sells wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men.

22) She’s a human punching bag.

23) He enjoys sarcasm.

24) This ‘being’ took his cousin to his prom.

25) She let Quagmire reach into the cookie tin.

26) Lois dressed up as Mystique for him.

27) Her original surname was Chevpravatadumrong…but who’d let that name on TV?

28) He doesn’t even like Cher.

29) On his ‘return’ he hung out with five whores instead of one.

30) He’s being examined by…top men.

31) Jerome killed him.

32) A sex video was leaked of her with Bill Cosby’s most splendiferous pudding pop.

33) A burden of the state who has to work with Peter.

34) These performers ended up in Heaven and Hell respectively because one ‘liked little boys’.

35) Stewie’s sperm brother.

36) She slept with Reginald New York Knickerbocker, millionaire.

37) He got kidnapped by a rogue Hannah Montana. (Evil Monkey)

38) Her maiden name was Hebrewberg-Moneygrabber.

39) He gets introduced a lot by Peter saying…ladies and gentlemen, here’s…

40) She can tell when Peter breaks wind with his ‘subtle’ movements.

41) He’s in charge of James Woods High School.

42) Her niece is Jennifer Love Hewitt.

43) He faked his death in Iraq.

44) He was once a businessman before he was in an explosion.

45) Stewie’s first bear BEFORE Rupert.

46) (These guys don’t have names but their collective name is fine) They like singing about aids.

47) Gave Peter an expired coupon.

I officially ran out of characters at question 47 so I had to make up 3 more questions on the spot…so…now it’s time for NAME THAT MOD!!! 3 random questions, which Family Guy Tips moderator is it?

48) This person owns a snake as a pet.

49) This mod lists Chuck as one of their favourite TV shows.

50) This person has a huge love for stand up comedians and music gigs and regularly rocks out when they’re not questing for stuff.

Did you all enjoy this or was it a bit too long? I kinda started and just rolled with it lol 🙂 Merry Christmas from all of us here at Family Guy Tips!!

Ryan 🙂


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