Android update is live…..

If your device is compatible that is. It seems that my Hudl 2 supports it but my samsung galaxy note doesn’t.


Anyone else experiencing any issues?!

Hope everyone can update fine. Let us know your experiences and also if it has solved the issues with getting on to your friends towns!


15 thoughts on “Android update is live…..”

  1. The frustrating point is that the game stills works on my phone, since I can’t update it. My Infinity tablet is useless in this issue. Galaxy Note 2 is not an obscure brand of phone. Neither is the Asus made Infinity Tablet.


  2. question: when will the new update version be released for currently all the android devices that are not compatible.

    From what I have observed, there are too many android devices that are incompatible to this latest update.

    Like.. if you update on your phone, you can’t play it on your tablet since it is not compatible.

    This is so annoying… just saying updates shouldn’t be released if it isn’t compatible with 80-90% of the common android devices.


  3. Well since the Google play store was telling me the update was still incompatible I just downloaded 1.5.5 as an APK. It installed fine and I’m up and playing on my android again.


  4. I have an S5 and it works splendid. Called a friend(at 6 AM!) to confirm that their Note 4 had a successful upgrade also.

    Both of us are patiently awaiting Furbals to wreak mayhem and disaster. 🙂


  5. Just successfully updated my Samsung Galaxy S4 Kit Kat to FGQFS v1.5.5. (@10:00am GMT)

    I can now tap on the procrastinators and they do stop for about 2-3 seconds. (and do a little dance) In my first attempt at a big strike I got 6 green coats resulting in 4 wrapping paper stockings and a bunch of brown coats.

    The only other thing I noticed was the gift boxes have all reappeared in the workshop. (checked off and grayed out) In v1.5.0 they disappeared after I collected everything from them.


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