What Really Grinds YOUR Gears?

Welcome to our Monday post – ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears?’ – come and share ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears’ with the FG: Tips team!


Lots of events and content updates have been bombarding us all lately, so there must be something that has ground your gears to dust at some point! We have the Christmas event and anyone who couldn’t get items for any American Dad characters, players will have these to finish too!


We would really like to hear what has been grinding your gears lately, is it the drop rate of Wrapping Paper stockings even though they are meant to drop from nice shoppers? That we need 40 of these stocking for Puppy Brian but also need every prize in the fancy box to continue the wish list and to unlock Barbara Pewterschmidt? Or is it the fact that android users do not have the tap to stun feature? is it the timer on the Yeti that continues? Or the Yeti being the only freemium way to earn Snowflakes? Or how the Yeti doesn’t drop anything unless you have fully cleared all of his HP? Or only being able to get one Secret Santa gift a day? Or is it how long it takes to clear the Yeti? Or how many CC and Snowflakes are required for Jesus?!


13 thoughts on “What Really Grinds YOUR Gears?”

  1. So glad they brought back the “tap to stun” feature for the Last Minute Shoppers. I think I’ve been averaging 10-12 Shoppers, and about 1-2 Wrapping Papers, per hit. I’ve got 17 “WP”s saved and already claimed all the “Fancy” gifts.
    What’s really Grinding my Gears though is the Childish Yeti. 18HP is damn near impossible for just Mort and Lois. Between the two of them, they can launch a total of 10 attacks in the 24hrs, and at least 8 of those have to do 2x damage. The chances of pulling that off (assuming it’s a 50/50 chance of 2x damage) is worse than 1 in 200. The best I’ve managed so far is 14HP. And now I’ve got a quest to defeat the Top Hat Yeti. I can only imagine how difficult he’s going to be. Hopefully I’ll Jingle Joe unlocked by then. And the fact that that is the only way to collect Snowflakes is stupid too. I’ve only managed to save up 13 Snowflakes after collecting all but the Snowy Playground skin from the Snowflake Gift box.
    It seems like Tiny Co. spends all their time pumping out event after event (or sometimes, event on top of event) that they don’t take the time to test the practicality of these challenges. To their credit, they do seem to take into consideration player feedback, and occasionally revise certain features of the game (i.e. lowering the ToT requirement during the Halloween event, restoring the “tap to stun” feature for the Last Minute Shoppers). But if they took the time to properly test these things internally, before releasing them into the game, they wouldn’t have to be constantly issuing patches. And frankly, I’d be happy just to see some regular game content released, without all these special events. I think what Stewie should really be asking Santa for is some Blimp Plutonium!


  2. I agree with everyone here but tinyco usually does try to fix their mistakes and hopefully they fix the yeti thing fast. It is a waste to even fight him. Like I said before it should be set up that very loyal freemium players should be able to complete all tasks. It’s not happening without some tinyco intervention.


  3. The mutant Elf has one redeeming quality; if you lock in on him, your camera follows him as he walks, so it’s been fun getting a lengthy up close tour of my Quahog when i set the game down between tasks. Unless some other character does this that i haven’t unlocked of course. Then you are all way ahead of me. 😉


  4. This week’s update has definitely been the most annoying so far. First it was A DAY LATE, then there were 2 massive buildings sized 9×9 and 9×11 which I really don’t have space for. 8×8 should be max realistically.

    It grinds my gears that tiny co don’t understand English. Last week we all complained that 8 rare items was too much from an 8 hour task so they gave us 15 to collect this week, still from 8 hours.

    Wrapping papers are a bit too difficult to get. Either don’t have 2 types of shoppers or make one of them always drop it. What’s the point of two types, one if which has a chance of dropping. That’s just stupid.

    The rest have been common issues for a long time. Still the same characters used to do everything while more do nothing. Chris collects furbals and items for jingle joe, and peter collects 2 items for jingle joe, while I have more useless characters in my inventory than in my town.
    And the yeti is still at the same difficulty for freemium players and the only way to get snowflakes. Yes, jingle joe can also fight it now but it doesn’t help if he takes the whole week to unlock. So I basically still have Lois and mort going up until the second yeti, earning me a measly 7 snowflakes in just under 2 days before I have to wait a day for the first one to come back.

    Also to help with collecting snowflakes and wrapping paper, we should be able to convert candy canes and dolls. I have over 300 candy canes but only 8 snowflakes so it would be great to fix these figures. I posted about this in the ‘game ideas’ tab so if you haven’t seen it please check that out. Thanks.


  5. I hate the snowflakes drop rate, the wrapping paper and what the hell can my mutant elf do? He just walks aimlessly and doesn’t do anything. I haven’t seen an article about him here.

    I still need 4 shovels to get Joe’s costume so he can team with the others against the Yeti and so I can get the Snowflakes I’m missing to get Jesus.

    Pup Brian is on hold until the end of the event because he seems pretty useless (if those are his only actions).


  6. No update for Android yet 😦 also since I’m not on FB and can therefore only gift Ollie, I have a stockpile of gifts. Also, why you so stingy Ollie? I hope we can do something with our leftover gifts at the end. Maybe be able to open them ourselves to get the Secret Santa items? Or even trade in 2 to open a gift. I also wish Chris had separate tasks for furballs and snow shovels, overlapping tasks can get annoying if you’re trying to focus on just one item.


    1. I slightly disagree with overlapping tasks for Chris. I would rather do one task which could drop either thing I need than be spoilt for choice between 2 different tasks and prioritize items.


  7. I Have Some Weird Stuff to Share. On My Family Guy Game, Mr. Weed & The Predator Both Appeared in My Inventory and I Also Managed to Open the Gold Gift Box For Free! Not 75 Clams. John Mclane Was Free Too! I Refreshed The Game and it is All Normal Now But I Still Have All these Things! What Is Going On! – Austen > > >


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