Last minute trapping!

Another awesome made someone has built using hedges! If those last minute shoppers are grinding your gears or you just like blowing people up, this one works great!


As you can see it has a nice high hit rating, perfect for getting large numbers with single shots.

It also shows just how bad the drop rate is for those stockings! -_-

A big thanks to James McQueen for his image!

A similar method from Ant, showing a slightly less space heavy method!


Big thanks to Ant for sending the image!

Has anyone else used a similar method? Are you having success from hedge rows? Will TinyCo ever come up with an event that doesn’t require bombing?! Let’s hear you thoughts on the matter below!


14 thoughts on “Last minute trapping!”

  1. I like the bombing tasks……don’t understand why people don’t want it around….you don’t have to do it. I think it’s cool , I like target practice, won’t spend any clams for them ,but I get a kick out of aiming and bombing !!!!


  2. Stop building headges , fences what ever just tap them and they will stay still keep tapping till you can’t hold them no more. Most is 18 with clams and stockings and cookies ! On holloween you couldn’t tap but this time you can !


    1. Sorry they don’t stay still for very long maybe like 5 sec maybe lil bit less. But if you have fast fingers just keep tapping them keeping them still, then bomb them asap.


  3. I’ve been using the maze to good effect,with the mass spawn happening on the one piece of tarmac I have in the middle.

    For those tapping if you double tap the bombing icon this brings up 2 bomb sights, close one and you can then zoom in and tap in the bomb sight before firing. Saves time waiting for the sight to load and shoppers escaping.


    1. You have to clear some shoppers first (15 is a good number), but save one or two Furbals, log out and log in after… say… two or three hours and they should spawn on the center of the maze (if it’s the only road in your Quahog). There you can bomb them easily. Repeat. Profit.


  4. I too use a design like Ant’s above. It is really effective with some planning; planning is key! You must keep shoppers spawning in quantities worthy of bombing (10+). Before the update this meant bombing out a few small groups quickly. Now not so much now with the tapping option.

    I do like to abide by a 4 hour rule of not logging on – Yeti = 4; Bomb =4; random character task in quest, 4, 8, 12, etc; most things of worth are in sets of 4 it seems.

    I observed the shoppers only spawn when you are logged in. For bombing purposes I like to have 1 or 2 bombs on hand in case they surprise me during a random login. But generally if you can hold out the 4 hours it takes to create a bomb (toy is it now?), you are likely to expend and create a bomb in the same cycle as shoppers are released to you (without having to do all that tapping). So if you can withstand not clearing that 2 hour 8 CC item – you can get at least 50 CC every 4 or so (and some stockings).

    I also think the bulk snowman drop is often a precursor to the shopper blitz – but that may be the madness setting in…


    1. Bill you are exactly right. I go in about every 4 hours bomb the 4 over by the Xmas tree by then my shopers will have spawned in my one piece of road in the middle of my maze. But, it only takes me two bombs to rid all shoppers.


      1. Oops just realized my last reply…had incorrect math.
        1 x bomb for 4 shoppers coming from the tree
        2 x bomb for clearing the mass spawn in my trap

        For grand total of 3 bombs not 2.


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