Is your game asking you to upgrade?

Are you receiving a pop up telling you that your game needs upgrading? We have spoken to TinyCo and here is what they have said:

When will the 1.5.5 update for Android be ready?

The update isn’t yet out on Google Play, but we’re working to get it out as soon as possible. We should have more information this afternoon on when it’ll be out.

Players are reporting that their games need updating/upgrading but there isn’t an update?

This should only be happening to players who first logged on using iOS, then switched to an Android device. If they switch back to iOS, they will be able to play as normal.

Players cannot visit their neighbour’s?

Players on Android who visit iOS players in Social will get an error message, which is due to the players being on different versions. This will fix itself once the 1.5.5 update releases on Android.”

We hope this has answered some questions for now, we will keep you updated! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Is your game asking you to upgrade?”

  1. I’m having the problem where the game is telling me to update, I go to the play store and click update and am getting told my device is no longer compatible with the game? Is this part of the above mentioned Problem? Or just me?


  2. It’s annoying that I’m just collecting gifts and can’t do anything with them, especially since (if they ever get this sorted out), we can only give one gift per friend per day.


  3. Only when I tried to login via Facebook to share the secret Santa gift with people other than Ollie world. There’s a sentence I never thought I would say. I did read to forget about sharing with friends for now. Thanks.


  4. I only use my phone for this game and only google playstore. Even so I still get the same message. Need to upgrade and can visit no friend. Not even the town from the game itself… Strange.


  5. I Really Want The Update ASAP! Did they Reveal Anything Later? Is the Quahog Millionaires Club Still Open? Please can you answer both? And Reply to My Email


  6. So in the mean time, can’t visit, can’t get the bonus for giving a gift and also the chance to get clams every day as well. Double up of Christmas Grinching!!! Grrrrr!!!!!!!


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