My Jingle Joe Stats! (Day 2)

It is that time again… New costume, new stats! It has been just under two days since the new week 3 content was released but I am pretty impressed with these freemium stats!


I haven’t bought any premium buildings or used any Clams to speed any tasks!

I have collected 11 Spiked Eggnog (5 collected, 4 left to go), 9 Snow Shovels (3 collected, 6 left to go) and 2 Wreath (1 collected, 8 left to go). So, I have 4 Eggnogs, 6 Snow Shovels and 8 Wreaths, giving me an overall total of 18 more items left to go! I think the Wreath’s are going to be my issue as they are rare too!

My stats aren’t as good as yesterday as I had collected 1 more Eggnog and 3 more Snow Shovels compared to yesterday’s stats! I hope I do not continue to only collect 1 wreath a day, otherwise it is going to take me right near the end of the event to unlock Jingle Joe!

With all of these items collected, I have managed to bring the overall Clam cost for Jingle Joe down to 130 – 50 Clams less than yesterday after collecting an extra 9 items today, which means each item was (technically) worth 5.5 Clams, I wish I could buy the items for that price each!

How are your stats? Hope you are all doing well! 🙂


9 thoughts on “My Jingle Joe Stats! (Day 2)”

  1. My stats are;

    15/15 Spiked Egg Nog
    13/15 Snow Shovels
    10/10 Wreaths

    With this it would cost me 10 Clams to finish him, but I’ll just wait for them to drop, I should have him done by tomorrow.


  2. BTW, do we need Jesus for Santa (Because I couldn’t play the last 4 Days, and I’m PRETTY far behind for Jesus), Because I’ll be fine if I at least get Santa. Or do we need Jesus (and his item) to unlock Santa?


  3. I only need 5 shovels. For some reason I’ve gotten the wreaths really fast and the eggnog also but shovels seem to be eluding me. I’m hoping that by this time tomorrow I’ll get those last 5.


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