What is inside the Fancy Gift Box?

This has been extracted for our FAQS post as a lot of players have asked what is inside the Fancy Gift Box, here is the list:

What can I win in the Fancy Gift Box? 

You can win the following prizes from the Fancy Gift Box: 

Royal Tea Set (needed for Christmas Wish list)
Yule Log (needed for Christmas Wish list)
Christmas Quahog Mall (new building skin)
Les Bijoux (needed to unlock Barbara Pewterschmidt)
1000 Christmas Cookies
Hanukkah Bush (needed to unlock Barbara Pewterschmidt)

Once you’ve won all of these prizes, you won’t be able to create the Fancy Gift Box anymore.

You need two items from this new Gift Box to help unlock Barbara Pewterschmidt, and one prize from the Snowflake Gift Box so try to save repairing the Train Station until you have won the prizes you need as Babs has a 5 day timer!


25 thoughts on “What is inside the Fancy Gift Box?”

  1. This is after the Christmas event is over… it unlocked Barbra and I had her try on her jewelry and it just finished.. but every time i click on her to complete the task, it says “Reward doesn’t have anything in it,” the game restarts and it just does the same thing over and over again.. help please!?


    1. You might have to send a response to TinyCo and hope they can respond in time. Make sure to check your inventory to see if you by any chance put it in there.



  2. Can anyone help Me out please.need to get a gift for Santa,quagmire and Jesus but have no idea how to get them all the gift boxes ive been able to craft are now ticked off so what do I have to do?


  3. All the gift bo s es are closed nowith, but I still need the bondage rack for Quagmire (previously he needed a trunk full after Asians ) and Santa also needs something from the wish list. How do I get them?


  4. I behan playing ‘family guy quest for stuff’ approx a month ago, all 2 of my neighbors have all this incredible Christmas deco in their towns, I can’t even find an update required to even visit one of my neibors now much less find where to get ANY Christmas deco including the tree. Where do I find this stuff, it continuously tells me the tree update has been delayed! How can I update or find the decorations?!


  5. I’ve crafted everything on the list for the fancy gift box except the Christmas cookies. Shouldn’t the box go away? It still shows the box as available for crafting. This wasn’t the case for the previous two boxes where after getting all the major gifts, except the cookies or stockings, the box disappears.


    1. I’m having the same issue 😦 I don’t know whether I should craft it or not because I don’t want to lose my valuable wrapping paper!! Ugh


    2. I have also opened all the items in this gift box. I then tried one more time and got Christmas Cookies :(. Bummer on the lame cookie prize and usage of valuable wrapping paper stockings, but glad the game didn’t crash on me. Might come in handy later on if you have extra wrapping paper stockings and need some quick cookies.


  6. I cant even play the game now. When i try i get a message saying i need to update/upgrade it. So i click on the button to do it and it takes me to the app store. However there is no option to updgrade. Just to uninstall or open the game. I click on open and it does nothing.
    Can anyone help please?


    1. Hopefully you are ok by now but I had the same problem on my android phone but was still able to play on my iPad. After a couple of days the android worked as well but it was nothing I did so they must have fixed a glitch.


  7. I’ve got all the gifts from the fancy gift box and I’ve unlocked Babara & Joe. I’m still finding it hard to get the stockings the nice shoppers (green jumper/dark Green Scarf) are meant to drop the stockings I’ve just hit 5 of them and only got 1 stocking. I’ve finished the timed event but I still need 6 stockings for puppy Brian.


  8. BTW, do we need Jesus for Santa (Because I couldn’t play the last 4 Days, and I’m PRETTY far behind for Jesus), Because I’ll be fine if I at least get Santa. Or do we need Jesus (and his item) to unlock Santa?


  9. So far I’ve got 2 of the prizes (got the Wrapping Paper from Gold Gift Box, and brought Holiday Babble Greeting Cards), The Royal Tea Set and Hanukkah Bush, it’s taking me awhile to get the Wrapping Paper as I haven’t started bombing yet, holding off till I’ve got a good supply of Furbals so I can easily beat this weeks challenge. On a side note I unlocked Jesus this morning, so I now have him, John, Lois, and Mort attacking the Top Hat Yeti!


  10. Pretty excited! As soon as my train station repaired, I already had all the stuff acquired to get Babs. My 5 day timer ended in like ten seconds! Hoping to have Jesus today and Jingle Joe and Puppy Brian in the next few days now.


    1. That’s good going! I haven’t had much luck dropping wrapping paper stockings from shoppers, so I haven’t been able to open many Fancy Gift Boxes :/ you sound lucky though… Good luck with Jesus today, and Jingle Joe and Puppy Brian 🙂 my Jingle Joe stats will be up soon 🙂

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