Week 3 – Challenge

The weekly challenge is upon us, it seems to appear after you clear the first 5 shoppers. Peter starts it off.


So 100 in 4 days seems a tall order, shows how much TinyCo like things in 100’s and also makes me think they might lower this (much like ToTs in Halloween) if people moan their bums off!


12 thoughts on “Week 3 – Challenge”

  1. I too got this challenge done super quickly without any trouble. For some reason I was thinking I needed 400 of them and figured with 3 days and 10 hours left I was a little ahead of par when the quest completed and I got it. It helps that bombs are easier to get this event than in halloween.


  2. I was done this challenge real fast no clams spent. I nuked my town set everything around the border that’s needed and put a corkscrew patch of road in front of the Xmas area and cleaned up quick. I was getting 7-8 a furball. I thought the prize was supposed to be several elves but I only received 1.


  3. I like these challenges cause they are super easy compared to the other ones like the stupid Yeti. I can get atleast 5 shoppers per furball


  4. I already have over 50 from just today alone (5 furballs from the first quest and then 2 or 3 more i got from tasks. I only shot when i had a bunch in the maze). But i built my maze pretty early so it was pretty easy to catch them.

    I had the problem of santas and snowmen walkin thru the chain fences as well. So i just put two smaller buildings on either side of where they come out of and then from there built the fence maze. Starting the fences at the end of the xmas event area didnt work. Also i make a line of fences from my maze cut across to the water (at the water end i actually have buildings as well so i dont need as many fences). Characters do cheat and walk around the water side on occasion tho. there doesnt seem to be anything you can do about it cause its beyond where you can make a barrier. But the shoppers tend to go thru your maze regardless.


  5. So who earns furballs, cause i’m guessing i’m gonna need at least 35 or so furballs and if only one or two characters earn them every 4 hours it’s gonna be tough.


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