Tap-to-stun feature will be restored!

Remember during Comic-Con when you could tap Minion Stewie’s to stun lots in a group to bomb them… TinyCo will be restoring this feature:

“There’s no kindness level in the game, and naughty/nice shoppers simply have different drops. Can you let me know where this information is posted? If it’s in-game, we’ll get it clarified ASAP.

We also just released 1.5.5, which includes changes that restore tap-to-stun for these squatters. We got a lot of player feedback that tap-to-stun made the bomb feature more engaging, so updating to 1.5.5 restores that deeper layer to the feature. Adding this back is a direct result of feedback posted here and elsewhere.”

I have checked my PlayStore and I haven’t received 1.5.5 yet but I will be pleased when I do 🙂 how do you feel about the tap-to-stun feature making a return? Or do you prefer creating mazes?


30 thoughts on “Tap-to-stun feature will be restored!”

  1. grrrr I want the Android update! I’ve been holding off starting the Prophets questline because I wanted to amass furballs, and then wanted the stun feature so it’ll be easier to bomb these guys. Really want to catch up to everything, but want my update first!


  2. I TRY CLICKING THE UPDATE BUTTON ON THE APP STORE, BUT IT JUST SENDS ME BACK TO THE GAME, WITHOUT THE TAP TO STUN!!! HELP HELP HELP, you always ignore my comments, so if you read this one help me on both:
    BTW, do we need Jesus for Santa (Because I couldn’t play the last 4 Days, and I’m PRETTY far behind for Jesus), Because I’ll be fine if I at least get Santa. Or do we need Jesus (and his item) to unlock Santa?


    1. I’m having the same issue with the update. I thought it was a problem with my iphone since it happened when I tried to update any app. I called apple and found out it’s because I didn’t have enough memory. The only way I can update apps is by uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version. Strangely I didn’t get the tap-to-stun feature when I did it this time. You can try emailing tiny co but they just gave me an automated response when I did.


    1. The android update is coming soon. I know because I was having problems with the iOS one so I emailed them but only got an automated response where they told me the android one was coming soon.


  3. I downloaded 1.5.5 last night but my game keeps crashing after the loading screen. I haven’t played on over 12 hours and I’m losing out on valuable time. I have contacted tiny co but still waiting for a response. Is anyone else having this problem with the update?


  4. IOS 1.5.5 is available for update in App Store. Feature to stun procrastinators was added. Woohoo! Hoping they increased wrapping paper drop rate. Currently waiting on characters to drop furballs so I can check it out!


  5. It’s nice that they brought back tap to stun, but I’ve been doing pretty well with the maze trick. You just have to create a bottle neck area where they migrate most and place some fences or well trimmed bushes to coral them into a smaller space.
    I already beat the new challenge this week within a day with my maze.
    I would like them to add more nice shoppers to drop more wrapping paper though.

    And hey! I just got a shopper to drop a Clam!


  6. hi, thanks for all the tips you have saved me hours!, should i save my fuzballs till the update of tap to stun not used it before? cheers


    1. You are welcome 🙂 I am not sure when we are due to get the 1.5.5 update, so if your weekly timed challenge has already begun to tick away, my advice would be to bomb the shoppers 🙂


  7. Bombing tasks are always the worst part of the game – the shoppers are the worst so far. Wrapping drops are awful (2 received for 30 bombed). I wish there was another way to get wrapping (besides clam grab). Maybe if one of the yetis or snowman dropped them instead.


  8. I loved the “tap to stun”. It was fun testing your own speed against the game. Setting mazes is land consuming. Land I just don’t have to spare. I would much rather have a tap frenzy and then let the bombs fly….
    Aaahaahaahaa! <– Thats my best evil laugh.


  9. I’m so glad they are bringing Tap 2 Stun back…,. I hate them little things you have to Bomb. There so annoying and frustrating. I just opened the golden box 2 times and got megs car & peters tank….. They actually move around on the roads and if you tap them they change direction and megs headlights flash. Now that box has gone.


  10. ‘feature’ as in we’ll be able to do it when the overlay is present? or “feature” as in we’ll be able to reliably induce the anomaly, i.e. double-tap the overlay invocation and with 2 overlays visible, stun them..?


    1. you have to pull up all your streets and put a small block of streets at the center of your maze. The you have to bomb a bunch of them so that they will respawn on the sidewalks.

      The Nice shoppers arent dropping Wrapping Paper 100% of the time. Saw 2 together and thought it would be good use of 1 bomb to get 2 wrapping papers but only got cookies instead. So, I buy the stupid holiday shop that drops them, then BAM, this announcement lets me know I didn’t need to. so great job tinyco, once again my clam purchase was made useless by your wishy-washy flip-flopping. Yay.

      Well, at least I’ll end up up with everything, just fewer clams than I had hoped…


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