Profits vs Prophets Walkthrough

Hello and welcome to the very late update! Here is the walkthrough which you will first encounter! Peter starts, enjoy!



Part. 1
See how to deal with last minute shoppers (5 free Furbals or as I like to call them, bombs)

Part. 2
Drop Furbals on 5 shoppers

Part. 3
Have Peter Stuff Stockings – 10h

Part. 4
Collect 3 wrapping paper
Make a Fancy Gift box

Part. 5
Build Superstore USA
Have Peter shop the sales – 4h

Part. 6
Have Chris apply for job – 10h

Part. 7
Clear 20 last minute shoppers

Part. 8
Have Peter ask for toys – 4h
Have Quagmire donate toys – 4h

Part. 9
Decorate with the Winter Hospital

Part. 10
Reach cheer level 6
Upgrade to the Jolly Christmas Tree (possible error as that’s this weeks tree!)


4 thoughts on “Profits vs Prophets Walkthrough”

  1. Not sure where a general idea goes… So I’ll pot it here!

    If at all possible in future walkthrough posts – can you state what the “bonus” is for completing each stage – or if there is a Next Path objective? e.g. Part 1 = 25 CC and 2 HC. Part 3 opens a new task of …

    For some characters it may not be worth pulling them off other tasks (eg yeti patrol) if it doesn’t gain enough X. Free clams however are always nice!


  2. I’ve just got the task for profits vs prophets part 4 but I’ve already got all the items from the fancy gift box! It’s still showing in the workshop but not showing as completed in the task menu! Any clues what I should do?


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